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October 26, 2013

John Farrell


Boston Red Sox - 4
St. Louis Cardinals - 5

Q.  What was your argument to the umpires and what were you told?
JOHN FARRELL:   Well, he was awarded home plate after the obstruction call at third base.  Tough way to have a game end, particularly of this significance, when Will is trying to dive inside to stop the throw.  I don't know how he gets out of the way when he's lying on the ground.  And when Craig trips over him, I guess by the letter of the rule you could say it's obstruction.  Like I said, that's a tough pill to swallow.

Q.  Can you talk how you decided the opportunities when you would or would not use Napoli, especially in the 9th, knowing Brandon was coming out?
JOHN FARRELL:¬†¬† Yeah, in hindsight, probably should have double‑switched after Salty made the final out the previous inning, with Workman coming in the game.¬† I felt like if we get into an extended situation, which that game was looking like it was going to‑‑ held Nap back in the event that spot came up again.
Like I said, in hindsight having Workman hit against Rosenthal is a mismatch, I recognize it, but we needed more than one inning out of Workman.

Q.¬† You said double‑switch, you would have put Nap in to catch?
JOHN FARRELL:  No, Ross in to catch.

Q.  If we could review the play one more time.  Did Dana DeMuth make even a call on Craig or was the interference already ruled at that point?
JOHN FARRELL:   Jim Joyce had already called interference and basically had awarded him home plate.

Q.  So there was no play at the plate, period?
JOHN FARRELL:¬†¬† Not at the point ‑‑ the play continues, but we had thrown Craig out at the plate, but he was awarded home plate after Jim Joyce awarded him home with the interference call, obstruction call.

Q.  Stephen Drew had another couple strikeouts, is he still solid in the lineup going forward?
JOHN FARRELL:   We just walked off the field, I haven't thought about tomorrow's lineup yet.

Q.  Was Saltalamacchia right to make that attempt to throw down to third base?  Do you think he had a shot at him?
JOHN FARRELL:   It's a bang, bang play.  As it turns out, we have forced a couple of throws to third base that have proven costly.  Tonight was a costly throw.

Q.  If you would also comment first on Jake Peavy and second on Joe Kelly, and if you felt that maybe there were a few opportunities for you guys that maybe you just sort of left on the bases tonight, yes or no, in regards to that?
JOHN FARRELL:¬†¬† Yeah, I thought Jake, he gave us everything he had.¬† They came out, they swung the bat right out of the chute against him for the four base hits in the first inning.¬† In the bases loaded, nobody‑out situation in the 4th, he made a number of big pitches to get out of it without any additional runs given up.
I thought in that third and fourth inning we started to get some opportunities, but he's got great stuff.  He's got a tremendous arm and yet we didn't have a whole lot of opportunities that we were building.  But when we did, they found a way to make a pitch and keep us off the board until we were able to chip through with Xander, with a triple later on.
But just I thought a hard‑fought game.¬† And you know what, we're back out here tomorrow night.

Q.  Did you have a chance to review the play on video?  And when you say he couldn't get out of the way, it looked like he also raised his legs up a time or two, while he was on the ground.
JOHN FARRELL:   Yeah, I have seen it.  I can't say the legs were being raised in an effort to impede his progress.  But, again, it's a tough way to have a game end.  He's on the ground.  If he tries to raise up, then he's clearly getting in his way for Craig to try to advance to home plate.  But he got tangled up with him and that was the call.

Q.  The fact that it was Craig coming home, does that bug you even more, the fact that he's running with the hurt foot?

Q.  You ended up obviously using Uehara when a man got on.  What was the reason you didn't want to start the inning with him, if you ended up using him anyway?
JOHN FARRELL:¬†¬† I felt like we had four outs with Koji, four to five outs.¬† If the thought was to go for a two‑inning outing for Koji, we would have pinch‑hit for Workman the inning before.¬† We were trying to get two innings out of Workman.¬† Once his pitch count was getting in the 30s range, with the go‑ahead run on base, that was the time to bring Koji in, even though this would have been five outs.¬† We fully expected him to go back out for the 10th.

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