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October 25, 2013

Jelena Jankovic


S. ERRANI/J. Jankovic
6‑4, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Is it difficult to motivate yourself when you already know you're in the semifinals?
JELENA JANKOVIC:  I think it was important for me to play well tonight, but unfortunately I got a little cold, and I felt really flatfooted out there, and low energy and did not have that intensity I needed to play these kind of matches.
And when you know you're in the semifinal makes you, you know, approach things differently.  But anyway, I wanted to win, but there was, you know, nothing coming out of me tonight.
So hopefully I can have a good night of sleep and feel better tomorrow.  I need the energy in order to play Serena and have that, you know, high intensity and perform at a high level.

Q.  What was the main motivation?  It's points or just simply competition for you?
JELENA JANKOVIC:  I think it's both.  You know, as an athlete you just want to, you know, compete and try to, you know, beat all these players, but it's the end of the season, and I think we are all tired, you know, physically and mentally.
You know, for me, you know, when I got this cold, I feel like sleeping the whole day.  That's what I have been doing, you know, today.  Not really a lot of energy, and that's really not me.
It's very difficult for me to play when it's like this.  So hopefully, you know, I have a day to recover, and then I can play.  You know, when you don't feel so great, it doesn't matter points or whatever is involved.  It's important for me to enjoy my time on the court.  When you feel like this, you don't enjoy being there.
That's how it is.  I gave my best, but my best today was not enough.

Q.  Obviously facing Serena you're going to want to be feeling 100%.  How do you think you'll cope with that tomorrow?
JELENA JANKOVIC:  Yeah, like I said, I need to get a good night of sleep and drink some tea and hopefully feel better tomorrow.  That's the most important.
You know, I think the reason is, you know, I think when I played against Azarenka I was soaked.  I was very wet, and I came out, and in the hallways it's pretty cold.  So then that kind of ‑‑that affected ‑‑I think that's when I got that little cold, and, you know, now I'm stuffed and all this.  It's annoying, to be honest.
But, you know, I keep sneezing.  So I cannot complain anymore.  I just have to try and hope that I will be feeling better tomorrow.  (Sneezing).
Against Serena it's going to be really important to feel good, have a lot of energy so that I can put up a fight against her.

Q.  You have more wins against Serena than I think any active player but I think Venus, four.  And the few matches haven't gone your way.  What's been the key to success for you in the past against Serena that you will try to do tomorrow?
JELENA JANKOVIC:  I think first of all is the belief.  You have to have the belief that you can win against her.  That's the No. 1 thing, because she has that intimidating factor.
Second of all, you know, that you have the game.  You have to be able to stay with her, you know, power‑wise, you know, play smart, play my tactics right.
I think she's a very powerful player, the most experienced player in today's game due to, you know, winning all the titles there are to win, being in the biggest stages in our tennis stage.
She's a great champion.  She has a lot of knowledge.  In order to beat her, you have to play your best tennis, have a belief in yourself and really, you know, fight for every point.
I think the match is not over until you shake the hand, so that's what I will do tomorrow.  I will go out there and try to perform at my highest level there is, and it's the end of the season so I have really nothing to lose.  I'm going to go there and enjoy, you know, my time and hopefully play and perform in a really, really high level.
If I do that, I will have a chance.

Q.  Other players have said that it's hard not to think about the rest and the beaches that await after this week.  Is it the same for you?
JELENA JANKOVIC:  Yeah.  I haven't been ‑‑I did not think about my vacation at all since I came here or, you know, in the past weeks.  I have been really focused on playing and finishing my year strong.  I was only thinking about playing here, the Championships, and doing well here.
I'm really not thinking about the beaches, anyway.  I want to go to the mountains.  That's my next destination.  That's where I want to go.

Q.  Hiking up mountains?
JELENA JANKOVIC:  You know, I maybe want to go skiing or just being in the snow, being in the cold, being in the nature somewhere.  I have not decided where I want to go, but just that's my wish.  That's what I, you know, made up my mind in such a short, you know, time that I really want to go to the mountains.
Everyone wants to go to the beach, but I want to go to the, you know, somewhere where it's cold, where it's snow, and the only thing is I've got to get healthy so I can enjoy my time.

Q.  Before this day, did you know what current situation in the group, what do you need for going to play, what will be good for you, what will be bad?
JELENA JANKOVIC:  I don't understand the question.

Q.  Did your situation in the group, what will you need to go in the semifinal, what will be good for you in the match, Li, Azarenka?
JELENA JANKOVIC:  Yeah, but I did not really think about all these things, you know, today.  It was important for me to win my match, to be secure, to be passing to the semifinal, but after Li won against Azarenka, everyone was telling me, Yeah, you're in the semifinal, you secured your position.
So that's how I knew.  I was really not ‑‑honestly I preferred to win myself than someone else wins for me, but because I took a set off Li and beat Azarenka, I had three sets, and even though Errani won today it wasn't enough to go through.
So that's, I guess, how it works, that format.

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