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October 25, 2013

Scott Jamieson


SCOTT JAMIESON:  Yeah, it was a very good round of golf.  It was very solid all day.  Hit a lot of greens, and unfortunately let one go on the last hole.  That's a tough hole.  So that was a good day.

Q.  You got it going nicely in the windy conditions to move yourself into a lovely position.
SCOTT JAMIESON:  Yeah, I played well yesterday, too.  And then let it go the last couple holes either nine yesterday.  So it was nice to finish off a good round today.

Q.  Presumably you still sensed that opportunity this morning that you could get back into the competition like that?
SCOTT JAMIESON:  Yeah, of course.  It was only 4‑under, so I was only four shots out of second place.  Obviously it was a great round by Guthrie yesterday.  Three rounds is a lot of golf, as is another two to go, so will be trying to play catch‑up even more.

Q.  What do you make of the track you're playing on and these conditions; it's not easy, is it?
SCOTT JAMIESON:  Probably isn't designed to have 30‑mile‑an‑hour winds blowing across it, but it's a lovely golf course that's for sure.  It's testing conditions.  We have it nice most of the time.

Q.  Have you seen or done anything?
SCOTT JAMIESON:  Went into Shanghai on Tuesday night but just went in and had a walk around, had some dinner and came back.  Apart from that, just been in the hotel.

Q.  You appreciate this part of the world?
SCOTT JAMIESON:  Absolutely.  I've not spent that much time in China.  A bit more going on here this week than where we were earlier in the year, so it's nice.

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