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October 25, 2013

Simon Dyson


SIMON DYSON:テつ Really pleased.テつ It's a tough course and I think anything under par is pretty good around there.
But a shame to double the last like I did.テつ I didn't hit a bad drive really and it kicked right into the rough.テつ Wasn't a great line.テつ Maybe just tried to do a bit too much with it instead of just shifting it forward and it snagged way left on.
Me.テつ My bunker shot, I had about a 30‑yard bunker shot but was semi‑plugged and caught the bank and kind of spun into a semi‑plugged lie and left it in the bunker.テつ Thought I hit a good bunker shot for my fourth shot and didn't get any spin and release d about 12‑foot past and missed it coming back.
Easy to make a six.テつ You do all that hard work and drop two shots at the last.テつ Apart from that, I was really pleased.テつ Drove it good, iron play was good.テつ And when I needed my short game, it was there.テつ Looking forward to the weekend, all to play for.
I was first out yesterday, so we had a good nine or ten holes where the wind wasn't quite as strong, but it was strong today.テつ It was definitely maybe a two‑club wind.テつ There's a lot of out there that are cross‑winds, as well.テつ But the Tour have been great.テつ They have put a few tees up on certain holes, and they have certainly made it playable.テつ If we were off the backs, I don't think anyone would be under par if we were off the backs.テつ So they have been good this week.

Q.テつ I know it's history now but when you're finished, you said, well, 68 might be the best score of the day and suddenly shoots a 65 and everybody is trailing?
SIMON DYSON:テつ Unbelievable.テつ That's a fantastic score.テつ Does help when you have 19 putts which he did.テつ I think I'd have shot 64 if I'd had 19 putts.
No, it's still a really good score, and I honestly thought 4‑under would be the best score.テつ Apart from him, it was.

Q.テつ And 4‑under is a really good score at the halfway stage and you're in a fine position.
SIMON DYSON:テつ Yeah, felt really good today.テつ Yesterday I managed to get a 2‑under out of my game.テつ Yet today, I almost feel disappointed with a 2‑under with my game.テつ It felt really good.
So hopefully I can feel like that at the weekend.

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