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October 25, 2013

Craig Lee


Q.  Let's start with the eagle.
CRAIG LEE:  Yeah, just when I was starting to get a bit frustrated about not moving forward, then bang, I hole a 4‑iron straight into the wind from 188 yards.  Yeah, always helps the scorecard, especially from a birdie on the hole before, so it was great.

Q.  Wasn't bad golf by any means in, tricky conditions but suddenly you're nicely back in the position.
CRAIG LEE:  That's right, as I say, I was getting quite frustrated, played nicely early doors and left a few out there so I was struggling away and hit a couple of bad shots and dropped a couple of shots.  Before you know it, you're falling down the leaderboard but that brought me right backup.

Q.  Give me an indication of how tricky it was because you had all those gusts on the first day and it seems even greater strength at times today.
CRAIG LEE:  Yeah, the wind is brutal out there.  I felt the course played just a little bit longer today.  Some of the holes were slightly more into the wind than maybe a crosswind and couldn't really use it.  A few kind of longer irons in, and you've just got to strike it so well and you're playing in that wind.  A couple of them come off and a couple didn't and you just have to pick the right club when you strike it well and hope everything goes well.  It's a bit of a mental slog out there.

Q.  Just have to be conservative and patient?  I know they are hallmarks of almost any week in golf but particularly in the wind.
CRAIG LEE:  You start playing in wind like that, short‑side yourself a couple of times and not be that bad a golf shot so it is very frustrating to play in a wind like that.

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