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October 25, 2013

Nicholas Fung


Q.テつ Just talk us through your round for today?
NICHOLAS FUNG:テつ You know, I started the back nine, and I shot 1‑over, so I said I want to finish under par because it's so easy to putt on the front nine.テつ But I'm playing worse on the second nine.テつ I got double on the first hole, and I‑‑ 18, I bogeyed.テつ No, I doubled the first and doubled the last hole.
So I got inside the bunker, so I'm trying to go for the green, so I hit the bank and came back to the bunker and I doubled.テつ And last hole, I tried to hit a fade shot off the tee, but I hit slice in the water.テつ So I dropped inside the rough and ended up six.テつ I pulled the shot in the bunker and I hit double from there.

Q.テつ So you just need to improve on the driving and tee shots?
NICHOLAS FUNG:テつ Yeah, my driving.テつ I need to practice more on my driving for today.テつ I putt good today.テつ I saved a lot.テつ I saved a lot, yeah.

Q.テつ The weather, how is it?テつ You said it was slightly more cooler, I think?
NICHOLAS FUNG:テつ For Malaysia, I think this is good, yeah.テつ But for them, very hot.テつ Yeah, even my playing partner said why is it so hot?テつ Why is your country so hot?テつ I told them today is considered good, yeah.

Q.テつ So what is the plan for tomorrow then?

Q.テつ Your plan?
NICHOLAS FUNG:テつ I've got no plan.テつ Just go to have fun.テつ Yeah, just play.

Q.テつ You think it was a case of trying too hard the last few days?
NICHOLAS FUNG:テつ No, I didn't try hard.テつ I just tried to play‑‑ tried to put more on the fairway, but today it didn't happen.

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