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October 25, 2013

Keegan Bradley


CHRIS REIMER:  We're here at the CIMB Classic with Keegan Bradley.  Keegan, just go ahead and talk about the opening two rounds.
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah, these last two rounds were really fun.  Some of the best golf I've played in a long time.  So this was a really fun couple of days.  Obviously, I'm in a great spot here with two rounds to go.

Q.  This is not really a golf course question.  But safe to say you're a Boston Red Sox fan, right?  How were you able to concentrate on the game today knowing that they were playing around the same time?  Did you have updates when you were on the course?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah, my girlfriend, Jillian, is a big Red Sox fan too and she was giving me updates as best she could.  Yeah, it's tough that we don't get to watch the World Series.  I know that they replay it later today, but it's more fun knowing what's going on.  I heard they lost 4‑2.

Q.  Were you able to concentrate fully on your game today knowing that was happening?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah, yeah, I was.  But in the back of my mind I'm wondering what's going on.  I know my mom at home was flipping back and forth watching.  It's fun to know that yesterday the Red Sox won, the Bruins won.  I shot 7‑under, and I got a bunch of texts from some of the guys that play and they were all excited.

Q.  Which holes were the toughest for you today?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Every hole out there you can make bogey.  There is no easy hole.  If you drive the ball on the fairway though, you have to have a lot of wedges, you have a lot of par‑5s you can reach in two.  So I think the most important thing this week is to hit the ball on the fairway, and I've done that for the first couple of rounds.

Q.  Do you hit many drivers?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah, I mean there are some holes that there is a carry of 290 or a lot of guys might have to lay‑up, where I'm just trying to smash it over those bunkers and get it into play.  But there are a bunch of holes where I can hit driver or lay back.  But I've chosen these first two days to hit driver and be aggressive.

Q.  In Malaysia with this humidity, how are you coping with it?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  It is very hot here, but I live in Florida in the USA, and it's humid in the summertime.  This is similar.  This is hotter, for sure, but I'm used to it.

Q.  (Indiscernible).
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah, it did.  Today, like I've been saying, I felt as in control of my golf ball today as maybe I've ever felt.  So that is a really good sign on this golf course and going into the weekend.  I'm very excited with the way I'm hitting the golf ball.  When I'm hitting the ball like this and my putter kind of matches up, normally I'm going to be right in there contending for the tournament, and that is the case here.

Q.  Have you done any kind of changes to your game in the last few weeks or so?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah, I mean, I'm working on some new stuff.  But I work very hard in these last couple weeks, a lot of short game, a lot of chipping.  So I have been working very hard on my game making a few changes, yes.

Q.  Do you have any game plan for the next two days?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah, I'm going to keep doing, playing the same, being aggressive.  There are a lot of great players in this field that are going to be chasing me.  So for me to go out and shoot a good round tomorrow is going to be very important for Sunday.

Q.  It was a very busy end of the season and you could have sat back and taken some time off.  What made you decide to come to play in this tournament? (Indiscernible).
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  I'm always trying to get better and work harder.  I realize that last year, although it was a good year, I didn't win.  I didn't contend in the majors as much as I wanted to, and there is no time to waste on the PGA TOUR when you have players like Tiger and Phil and everybody playing the way they are.  So I needed‑‑ I have no time to waste, whether it's at the end of the year, the beginning of the year.  I've got to work as hard as I possibly can to get better.

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