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October 24, 2013

John Daly


JOHN DALY:  Well, after not playing a competitive round in about 14, 15 weeks, it felt pretty good.  The course played pretty hard, and you know, I got to prepare last week quite a bit; I was hitting a lot of wedges and 7‑, 8‑, 9‑irons, and so just kind of carried that over a little bit.  Just played hard today.

Q.  Were you surprised?
JOHN DALY:  A little bit, yeah.  You know, when you don't play competitive for a while, especially against all these guys out here, as good as they are; but I just kind of stayed calm and just, when you haven't played in a while, you want to execute and hit solid shots.
Luckily I got a lot of shots that came out right today.  I putted okay.  Just hit a lot of greens.  Just one of those days where you just want to survive.

Q.  You're a proud man and I'm sure you go into every tournament with expectations.
JOHN DALY:  You always do, but some a little more, some a little less.  Coming off this, that's been ailing me for probably six years, and the last four have been really just brutal in this elbow and finally to get the surgery done, it's nice to be able to pinch chips like that and pinch three‑quarter golf shots again, which I haven't been able to do in a long time, so that's encouraging.

Q.  How are things now?
JOHN DALY:  Good.  I had gained a little bit of weight, when you get to 15, 16 weeks off, you're going to; drink probably five gallons of milk a week and iced my arm every week.  That's probably why it healed so quick, who knows.  It's just good to be back out playing again.

Q.  And good to be back courtesy of BMW because you have a nice reputation with them and dealings with them?
JOHN DALY:  Yeah, Marco has been great to me, and all of BMW, over the years.  Since 2001, we have struck up a lot of good friends ships with the BMW guys and they have done just wonders through the game of golf, throughout not just The European Tour but now on our tour.  That's why Marco gets a great field every tournament that they have.

Q.  German trousers?  German colours today.
JOHN DALY:  Are they?  I don't want to disrespect the Germans by any means, but ketchup and mustard, I think that's what they call these.

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