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October 24, 2013

John Farrell


St. Louis Cardinals - 4
Boston Red Sox - 2

Q.  Were you surprised when they left Carlos Martinez in the game to face Ortiz?
JOHN FARRELL:   At that moment it's the tying run.  If we've got another man on base prior to that, maybe they make a move, but he's a young guy with great stuff.  David gets the base hit.  I don't know what goes into Mike's thinking on that.  But we get the base hit.  We give ourself a chance to continue to build the inning, and apparently with Napoli behind him, felt like that was the best matchup to go through that part of the order.

Q.  This is the first time you've seen Wacha live in person, what were your impressions?
JOHN FARRELL:¬†¬† Looked like the second inning on they settled into a good rhythm.¬† We had a big opportunity in the fourth.¬† Probably the pitch of the night was the ground‑ball double play to Napoli.¬† We get a first‑and‑second situation, nobody out with seemingly a chance to build an inning, ground‑ball double play and then a pop‑up to Gomes to get out of the inning.
A very good change‑up, maintained his stuff throughout the time.¬† I thought we pressed him in terms of building the pitch count, and giving ourselves opportunities.¬† I thought he threw the ball into our guys effectively.¬† He started flipping a curveball to get a different look.¬† He was impressive.¬† They pitched well tonight.

Q.¬† Talk about that seventh inning.¬† And now that the series is tied going to St. Louis can you talk about being 1‑1 going to St. Louis.
JOHN FARRELL:¬†¬† Well, just in terms of the series, we fully expected this to be a hard‑fought series.¬† Not surprising that we're in this position we are.¬† In the seventh inning, we kind of contributed to the three runs allowed.
I thought John Lackey threw the ball very well.¬† The lead‑off walk starts to get things going for them.¬† After the base hit to Jay, felt like we were in a pretty good situation for a matchup.¬† And then unfortunately the walk and the errant throw, that's the one in looking back, I'm sure Craig would like to have that ball back and hold it with a chance to shut down the inning right there.¬† We give them the run.¬† And then Beltran, which we wanted to hit from the right side of the plate with a 3‑1 pitch, ads an insurance run to it.¬† Uncharacteristic of the way I think we've taken care of the baseball this year.¬† And it contributed to the three runs.

Q.  Ortiz is swinging the bat well in the first two games of the series.  How does that factor on how many games to play him first base in St. Louis?
JOHN FARRELL:¬†¬† It's likely that Game 3 he'll be at first base at this point, just a quick look at it.¬† And how we go from there, we'll go to it day to day.¬† But again we're going to lose one of the middle‑of‑the‑order bats, and that's understood going in.¬† But still David's in a pretty good place right now offensively.

Q.¬† You played a dominating game in Game 1.¬† As you mentioned, you're not surprised it's 1‑1 to go back to St. Louis.¬† That certainly changes things.¬† I'm wondering what your level of faith is because Peavy you have going, obviously a great pitcher overall but hasn't been at his best lately, and then Buchholz is pushed back.¬† Are you concerned or is your faith pretty high there?
JOHN FARRELL:   No, this time of the year with what our guys have proven over the long haul, we're looking forward to the challenge of going into what should be a great environment over in St. Louis.  Looking forward to Jake taking them on in Game 3, and continuing to pace our way from the mound.
I thought with the exception of one inning, I know it's only two games, we continued to throw the ball well from the mound, and U fully expect that to continue.

Q.  The double steal in that inning against you, what brought that about?
JOHN FARRELL:   Well, they felt like they had an opportunity to get two guys in scoring position.  They timed some things up with Brez on the mound.  Whether it was just a read that they had on the number of head looks to keep Kozma in check back there.  But in that moment a timely play on their part.

Q.  Obviously you want to win both your games at home.  They get the split here.  Can you talk about the approach going to St. Louis knowing, I guess, conceivably that they can wrap it up there.  How much does this game really change the whole setup of the series?
JOHN FARRELL:¬†¬† Well, I don't know that it changes anything in terms of this ‑‑ we've got to continue to play every inning here and look to win every inning.¬† This team has responded well to challenges on the road or at home.¬† I know that we'll be ready to go on Saturday over there.¬† But this time of year our guys embrace every challenge that comes their way, and we're looking forward to that on Saturday.

Q.  On that play at the plate should Saltalamacchia have come off the plate to make sure he had the ball in the first place or did you see that he thought that he had a play at the plate?
JOHN FARRELL:¬†¬† No, we felt like where he's at right there, it's a shallow enough fly ball for there to be a play at the plate.¬† Salty is trying to hold his ground.¬† We know the importance of the run in that spot.¬† To say that he's got to come off and field the throw, the ball ends up just going off the tip of his glove.¬† There's no second‑guessing on Salty's approach on that.

Q.  Are you planning anything or thinking about any changes to your lineup for Game 3 with either Nava or with David Ross?
JOHN FARRELL:¬†¬† Well, as we mentioned the other day, with the amount of ground to cover in leftfield, the left‑right matchups against Kelly.¬† You know, without announcing a lineup, yeah, we're factoring all that in right now.¬† I think the way Nava came off the bench last night with a good pinch‑hit appearance, it's likely he'll continue to factor in here.

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