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October 23, 2013

Dana DeMuth

John Hirschbeck

Joe Torre


St. Louis Cardinals - 1
Boston Red Sox - 8

Q.  Can you give me review of the play?
DANA DeMUTH:¬† To start off with, it was my call.¬† I stayed with the foot too long is how I ended up getting in trouble.¬† When I was coming up, all I could see was a hand coming out and a ball on the ground.¬† So I was assuming ‑‑

Q.  So you're focused on the bag, and are you going by sound, too?
DANA DeMUTH:   I was focused on the bag and used my peripheral vision to see the ball go in heel or hit the glove.  When the ball hit the glove, then in my peripheral vision, I'm looking up and the ball was down.

Q.  So when the play is dead at that point you're convinced he's out, you called him out?
DANA DeMUTH:   Yeah, absolutely.  I was saying that he was in the exchange and he was out right there.  Then with our crew signals, I had crewmates that were giving me the signal that they were a hundred percent sure that I had the wrong...that they had it and I had the wrong call.  

Q.  What are the signals?
JOHN HIRSCHBECK:   They're really not any signals.  As a crew we know when you see everyone converging, we want to make sure we get the umpire's attention.  So that he knows we have something else.

Q.  So that's the signal.  It's like rounding up the posse?
JOE TORRE:  They're all converging on the same place.

Q.  So you've got four or five guys on the field that feel it's a mistake?
JOHN HIRSCHBECK:¬†¬† He looks up, and he knows by having several umpires standing around him that we want to ‑‑ there's something there.¬† We want to get it right.
JOE TORRE:   And conversely, if they stay back, that's basically an indication that they don't have anything different than he had.  The fact that they moved in was they wanted to talk about it.

Q.  When you realize these guys are kind of congregating, does your stomach kind of flip over? 
DANA DeMUTH:¬†¬† Yeah, it's an awful feeling, especially when I'm sure that I had the right call.¬† But I've got to be a team here and get the right call.¬† Definitely get the right call.¬† When I see that ‑‑ it's an awful feeling.
JOHN HIRSCHBECK:  As a crew we want to get everything right.  We want to be perfect in our job. Whatever base we are on, wherever we're working, sometimes that doesn't happen, but the ultimate thing is we want to get the play right.

Q.  And in the end the ultimate call is to you, or is it just by consensus?
JOHN HIRSCHBECK:¬† No, it's the crew.¬† We got together and everybody said ‑‑ we started with each guy, "What do you have?¬† A hundred percent?"¬† Each guy said, "I'm a hundred percent."¬† When they got to me, I said, "I'm a hundred percent, too."¬†¬†

Q.  And in that group, you're in that group?
JOHN HIRSCHBECK:  We're all there.  He's standing there listening.
JOE TORRE:  They're a team.

Q.  Are you saying "I think I messed this one up"?
DANA DeMUTH:   No, I'm asking them, "Tell me what you got."
JOHN HIRSCHBECK:  And I hear all five of us say, "We're a hundred percent."  And then I said, "All right, we need to change this."  It's as simple as that.
JOE TORRE:  One thing for you to know, he didn't miss a call all year.  And he still hasn't missed a call all year.

Q.  Okay.  So Farrell comes out and he talks to you?
DANA DeMUTH:   Well, yeah, his argument was with me.  

Q.  And he was saying?
DANA DeMUTH:  He was saying he was off the bag, but then he was saying, "Dana, he didn't have a proper exchange.  He did not have control of that.  It went right to the ground."  That's what he was saying.

Q.  It didn't get tense?
DANA DeMUTH:  No, he was expressing himself very nicely.

Q.  So you guys meet up and make the change and their manager comes out to you?
DANA DeMUTH:   To me.

Q.  I heard some of it on FOX, they actually taped you.  So if you could just go over it.  
JOHN HIRSCHBECK:   I just explained to him the same thing I just told you, that five of us were a hundred percent sure.  Our job is to get the play right.  And that's what we did.  I said, "I know you're not happy.  It went against you, but you have to understand, the play is correct."  And that's really it.  The rest is just him being upset that the call went against him, and that's understandable.  But ultimately it's correct.

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