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October 20, 2013

Charley Hoffman


Q.  Charley, you had a couple of impressive birdie runs there.  Twice you put together runs of three in a row.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  Yeah.  Had a birdie try on every putt today, hit every green, hit it pretty close all day and fortunate enough to get 7 on the go.
One of those rounds you look back and it could have gone really low, but all in all 7‑under on the final day is not bad.

Q.  As you mentioned, beautiful ball‑striking day, 18 for 18 greens.  You get a lot of local support out here.  I always get the sense you have a good time in this tournament.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  Yeah.  It's nice.  I haven't played well here in probably five years, so it's nice to finally put a decent round together and not really ever have a chance to win.  Simpson is sort of running away with it, but at least get the juices flowing again and it's nice to play good.

Q.  I'm guessing we're not going to see you out on TOUR again until the calendar turns over.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  You're wrong.  I'm going to play in Malaysia, Sea Island and Cancun.  So I'm going to overload.  In the middle of the year I might take some time off.

Q.  (Inaudible).
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  I intentionally take the week off before to get ready for the Pro‑Am and all that stuff.  Obviously it's a relief once the Pro‑Am and foundation stuff is done.  It's nice to raise a bunch of money for the community and do that.  And it's all business after that.  This year I think I managed my time better than years past.  I think I overloaded a lot and this year I got everything done by Monday and took it easy, hung with the family and played some decent golf.

Q.  Did you get a sense you were going to be able to play as well as you did over the weekend?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  Yeah.  I've been playing well.  Sundays have been my Achilles heel, and today I played halfway decent and I'm going to get a halfway decent finish.
Last year my Sunday scoring average was something I definitely was in my mind to work on and play better, so I'm one for one and hopefully I can keep going.

Q.  Talk about that last putt.  Seemed like you really wanted that last putt there.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  You know, when you get that far up the leaderboard every putt you make is worth big dollars and big FedExCup points.  So to get the year started off on the right foot you always want to make those putts.
It was a tricky down‑hill slider I wanted to go, but all in all not a bad try.

Q.  Kind of a general overview of the round and maybe in the midway point of the round did you ever start thinking, hey, if I could really get it going, maybe I could challenge?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  To be honest with you, the first six holes I stuffed it‑‑ I guess five holes, I stuffed it and didn't make anything.  Then I got three to go at the end of nine which got things going.  I mean I hit every green, had a decent birdie try on every hole.
I probably shot about as high as I could have, but I'm not complaining one bit shooting 7‑under par.

Q.  The tournament as a whole this year, did you notice a different feel at all with it being FedExCup points and things like that?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  Yeah.  I think there was more support by the community for sure.  I think the field was the best it's been since I've played out here for sure, and it's nice to see the people come support the Las Vegas community, and hopefully we'll get bigger and better every year.

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