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October 20, 2013

Peter Lawrie


Q.  What are your thoughts after four days here in Perth?
PETER LAWRIE:  I'm just glad it's over to be totally honest with you.  I've never felt so much pressure the last eight weeks.  Can't sleep, can't eat properly, just it's horrendous.  I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

Q.  And the pressure on the home stretch?
PETER LAWRIE:  Well, I got off to a great start, so it wasn't that much pressure.  But geekers, just coming down trying to get the job finished without making a mental error or doing something stupid, even finishing bogey, bogey, disappointing I have to admit because I was right in the tournament.
But the end of the day I came here to keep my card and that was my main aim.  Got myself into a nice position, could have finished it a bit better.  It's easier to win a golf tournament without a noose around your neck, and I certainly had the noose hanging around me today.

Q.  Your gut feeling, I've seen the sheet of paper in your pocket, looking at all the permutations?
PETER LAWRIE:  Well, typical, trying to work out the permutations of people finishing here there, or ever where.  All I needed to do, I knew if I could go out and shoot a couple under, I would be okay.  Finishing anywhere in the 20s I reckon was going to get me to keep my card.  But it's not easy, I can tell you that.  It is not easy.

Q.  Can't relax just yet, either.
PETER LAWRIE:  I'm that type of person that when the last putt goes in, then I can go and be happy for a change.

Q.  You can do without Brody Ninyette or another unknown Australian winning this, could you?
PETER LAWRIE:  That would be nice, for personal reasons, of course.  I don't wish anybody bad on the golf course in any shape or form, because I'm out there to win‑‑ even if I miss by one, I've given it my best shot and I couldn't have given it anymore today or this week and it's as simple as that.

Q.  What's the plan now?
PETER LAWRIE:  Hopefully fly home and probably sleep for a change.  Go home and be with the family and stop being grumpy.  I've been that soldier for the last while.  Sit back, just wait and see.

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