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October 19, 2013

Koji Uehara


Boston テや 5
Detroit ‑ 2

Q.テつ Is it any different working with a three‑run lead than working with the one‑run lead you've had the rest of the series?
KOJI UEHARA:テつ There was some extra ‑‑ I knew that I can give up some runs, so I felt a little bit more comfortable.

Q.テつ At the beginning of the year it didn't seem like you'd be the closer on this team, now you're the MVP of the ALCS.テつ Your thoughts on the improbability of that and how you feel right now?
KOJI UEHARA:テつ All I can say that I'm extremely, extremely happy right now.

Q.テつ When you signed with the Red Sox they were the last place team with a new manager and a lot of uncertainty.テつ What were your expectations for the team?テつ What did you come into this expecting from the team?
KOJI UEHARA:テつ It was more of how the team wanted me, their passion to acquire me and the sincerity.テつ I felt honored to play for this team.

Q.テつ There was some concern, maybe not by you, but by observers, media people, that at some point this year you get tired, there was a lot of demands, a lot of games, a lot of innings.テつ Were you ever concerned about that at any point?
KOJI UEHARA:テつ I am tired right now (laughter).

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