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June 10, 2004

David Frost


CHRIS REIMER: David Frost joins us with a 66, 5-under, 1992 Buick Classic Champion. Just talk about your round a little bit today.

DAVID FROST: The round in general, I think the putter was very hot today. I made a lot of putts out there. I had 26 putts. I putted from off the green on the last hole, had two putts, so maybe 27.

But it's the kind of greens where I like this time of the year where we putt on these kind of greens as opposed to some of the Bermuda in Florida and the bent grass other places. I love the greens up north and just have a good feel for when I go to putt on them.

Q. Did you see this kind of round coming, considering your recent play?

DAVID FROST: Yeah, I've been working hard on my game, and I actually came up here last -- yeah, I have been working on my game, so to me I've always been optimistic that anything can happen any time. I came up to qualify for the Open and I found out my entry form didn't get in, so I didn't qualify, needless to say.

I'm just trying to enjoy the game. I still love playing, love trying to figure it out. It's nice to be on a course that you've won on before. We actually looked at the 18th tee today and I said to my caddie, gee, we used to tee it up from up here. He said, well, you'll never tee it up from back there then.

The golf hasn't changed much over the last 20 years, a couple new tees, but when greens get hard it's still going to be 10-under par. Anything under 10-under par can win the tournament.

Q. Did you ever find out what happened to the entry form?

DAVID FROST: They said between 5 and 12 of them get lost every year. I mean, I'm busy. I know I filled it in, I put on my credit card information. I called up to find out if I could play a practice round, and the guy said, well, you can come but your name is not on the tee sheet. That was the week of the Memorial tournament. I couldn't call anyone because they were closed.

So anyways, I came up in any case because I had a trip scheduled. I took my kids on a cruise to Bermuda and I was flying back from Bermuda to get here Sunday night to qualify.

Q. This is where, in New Jersey?


Q. And when did you find out?

DAVID FROST: The Tuesday morning, once I got to New York. I mean, I know I entered because otherwise I would have never -- why would I know the town Summit or Canoe Brook? I know I filled it in and it just never got there.

Q. What did they say?

DAVID FROST: They said, sorry, we didn't get it. I guess they said they were going to check up and see whether it did come in.

The other thing happened with me at the British Open this year. They had this out-of-the-country one where you qualify in Australia and South Africa, and I got there with a shoulder injury and I couldn't play my practice round. I said to the guy, I might not be able to tee it up today. I can enter somewhere else. He said, no, you can't, you're only allowed one entry. I said, well, I've got an injury. He said, too bad, you can't qualify anywhere else.

Q. What's your disappointment level missing the U.S. Open because you've played twice at Shinnecock?

DAVID FROST: I've played twice at Shinnecock. It was obviously a goal of mine to play there this year. I'm not going to dwell on things like that because there are more tournaments I can play in. It's just one of those things. There's nothing I can do about it so why cry about it.

Q. Did they give you a little more incentive or motivation to try and --

DAVID FROST: You've just got to keep your head above water and keep going because you've got to be focused enough to go forward. What's the point in dwelling on things that you can't fix now?

Q. How much of your putting today was local knowledge since you've been here so many times and won here and how much was a hot putter?

DAVID FROST: I think a couple of reading the lines -- I'm going to jinx myself here, but I feel comfortable reading the lines and the putts, and then a lot of it has to do with how you stroke the putt after the read that you've picked up. You've just got to try and be -- try and not be too tentative while you're putting out there, and if you've got a ten-foot putt you try and hit maybe a nine-foot speed putt and just feed the ball really to the hole.

But generally I just like to -- I feel an I have a good read for the putts out there, and that helped me a lot.

Q. Is the course much softer today as opposed to Wednesday and Tuesday?

DAVID FROST: There was I think a bit of rain last night, which helped the afternoon scores a lot because obviously the morning scores, the guys get the nice greens in any case, and I don't think there will be a big gap between afternoon and the morning scores like there normally is.

Q. What did you do with your time after you found out that you weren't going to be qualifying?

DAVID FROST: Well, I had scheduled a trip to go to Bermuda, and I took the kids to Bermuda and then flew back, so I've been around here Monday and Tuesday. I played a practice round Tuesday and just played with the kids Monday, went into the city and took my son out playing. We played Glenbrook on Monday.

But there's a lot of golf course to see play out here, even though you're not playing in the U.S. Open qualifier. I love playing here.

Q. So you found out like a week ago Tuesday, so ten days ago?

DAVID FROST: Yes, and I was here already, but I had scheduled the last two months from when I entered to come and qualify, take the week, go to Bermuda, come back.

Q. When did you enter?

DAVID FROST: I think it was about two months ago when the forms came out.

Q. Back in March or April?

DAVID FROST: Yeah, whatever.

Q. Did you send it in from --

DAVID FROST: From my office in Dallas. We don't get the entry form in South Africa.

Q. Well, Internet these days --

DAVID FROST: No, entry form, because I remember getting a green form. Anyway, that's something that happened. Sorry I had to share that with you.

Q. We're looking for good stories.

DAVID FROST: Yeah, well, that's a story.

Q. Bad story for you.

DAVID FROST: Well, maybe there will be another story when I come in here tomorrow hopefully.

All right, thanks.

End of FastScripts.

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