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October 19, 2013

Jeff Overton


Q.テつ Did you get what you wanted out of this round?
JEFF OVERTON:テつ It was one of those tough days.テつ I hit it great and just didn't take advantage of the easy holes.テつ This is one of those golf courses that you can ‑‑ you know, you could be 5, 6, 7‑under on the easy holes and you don't have to play good on the rest of them.
It was unfortunately to only get 3‑under, especially as good as I hit them.テつ I felt like I had a 10 or 12‑footer for birdie on every single hole in the back nine and never made one.
It's good, right there in it.テつ And go out there and it's going to take something really hot tomorrow to beat Webb.テつ He's playing great.テつ What a great guy.テつ Go out there and try to give it a go tomorrow.

Q.テつ How aggressive do you think you will need to be tomorrow?
JEFF OVERTON:テつ You have got‑‑ this is a place you play aggressive the whole way.テつ There's holes you have to get the ball in play, and then you are going to have 8 or 9‑iron.テつ The ball goes so far here.テつ The weather is so perfect.テつ It seems like you're wedges from 145 and 9‑irons from 155 and stuff.
So it's kind of like you don't have to be overly aggressive with the driver in some places, but you have got to hit the driver in the right spot on those four or five easy holes to have a really good chance at it.

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