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October 19, 2013

Sean O'Hair


SEAN O'HAIR:  Obviously the day is just starting today, but, no, I wouldn't have.
You know, I played okay yesterday.  I just couldn't quite see it on the greens.  And all of a sudden I was three or four over par at one time.  I just kept telling myself to be patient.
I've been playing some nice golf, and it was nice to come out today and get started off quick.  I was 3‑under pretty quickly and turned at 4, and kind of started off slow on the back nine but that eagle helped on 15.  So it was just all in all a great day.

Q.  You had to go back to the Web.com finals to get back out here.  But it's with this bridge schedule you can get right back out here.  What did those four weeks do to help prepare you for this stretch of golf?
SEAN O'HAIR:  I think it was a tough time this year for me, especially late because I was realizing I was going to lose my card.  I just had to get my mind right going into those Web.com events.  I knew I had an opportunity to get my card back, but I had to be in a right spot mentality.  It was a disappointing time for me.
I was able to get my mind right, and I played fairly well.  I just feel like the last month and a half or so I've been gettingsome momentum.  I really feel good about my game right now, everything about it, from putting, ball striking.  I really feel like I can play some great golf right now.  I think it helped me to kind of go back to basics and simplify my game.

Q.  Speaking of going back to the basics, you go back to the familiar face on the bag for the Web.com finals.  Kind of feels like old times again?
SEAN O'HAIR:  Yeah, he just makes me real comfortable out there.  Every round of golf I play away from the PGA Tour, I play with him.  He knows my game better than anybody out there.  It's just comfortable.  He talks to me when I'm playing bad, and he kind of gets me pumped up and ready to do.  When I'm playing really well, he keeps me calm.  That is what you need out here.  I think a good caddie is more of a psychologist than anything.
He has been a great help for me and I wouldn't‑‑ I definitely wouldn't be here, I wouldn't be back on Tour, without him.

Q.  Was it ‑wood off 15?
SEAN O'HAIR:  Yeah, yeah.

Q.  That's what I thought.
SEAN O'HAIR:  Yeah, yeah.

Q.  Both times?
SEAN O'HAIR:  Driver the first time.

Q.  Were the finals a nice fresh start?  You were kind of stuck in that middle of the season where it looked like you were going to lose you card, you can put it behind you and start over?
SEAN O'HAIR:  You know, I don't know if it was nice.  I don't think there is anything nice about it.

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