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October 17, 2013

Charley Hoffman


Q.  What's this week like, hometown, you got a lot of folks out here pulling for you.  It's a little different feel than a lot of the other weeks on TOUR?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  You know, it was a busy week.  My foundation event was on Sunday night, Monday.  A lot of preparation goes into that and relax after that.  Once that's done, just focus on the golf tournament.
In the past it's been a little different mentality.  My year is done after this week, and this year my mentality is get it started off on the right foot.  So I definitely have a different frame of mind going into this week and hopefully in contention coming down the stretch.

Q.  Were there any thoughts about the old days of like trying to qualify?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  No.  I mean we're all trying to make a living out here now.  I'm trying to make birdies.  I mean it's nice to play with guys you know and you're friendly with, of course, but it's all business for me when I'm out there.  I'm trying to make birdies and beat the golf course.

Q.  I guess Coach Knight is the one who really could enjoy this; right, watch the three of you play together?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  Yeah.  I think we have seven rebels in the field, which is pretty great.  That's what Coach Knight has done for this town and for our golf game.  I mean he's recruited great players to come play here, and it pays off.  We got three playing together, and seven is definitely good.

Q.  Did the hold‑up at 2 bother the group at all, did you sense?  You were kind of waiting at the tee, 2 and 3?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  No.  It's golf.  I mean people have rulings, people hit it out of play.  I've been in the group in front of us where I've had people wait for me.
No, I mean obviously would you like to play with a quicker pace, yes, but it's what we deal with on a week‑in, week‑out basis.

Q.  Yeah, because it looked like you were hitting the ball fine early on.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  Yeah.  I hit the ball great all day.  Just missed an unfortunate three‑putt on 16, but I hit good putts.

Q.  Have you been putting well for the most part?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  Just like anybody I go through my streaks where I putt good and the streaks where I putt bad, but all in all today I made a bunch of good putts, and happy with it.

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