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October 17, 2013

Jeff Overton


Q.テつ Round you could have asked for.テつ A little dunk on the first hole, huh?
JEFF OVERTON:テつ Yeah.テつ I was sitting there on the second hole, I asked my caddie, I don't ever remember holing out on the first hole any golf tournament.テつ So it was pretty of cool.テつ I kind of felt uncomfortable for some reason on the first tee, kind of pulled it and kind of had a tough little shot underneath the tree and hit a little low snap‑hook pitching wedge and it rolled about 30 feet and just died right in the center and I'm like, sweet.

Q.テつ So you take care of business early on, but then it kind of took a little while to get into a rhythm before you kind of got hot making the turn.
JEFF OVERTON:テつ Yeah, the front nine‑‑ you know, the first seven or eight holes‑‑ really the first eight holes are really hard holes for the most part.テつ You got a couple 470 par‑4s and good downhill par‑3 and a couple of good driving holes, and I was hitting some good shots and I wasn't hitting the ball super close.テつ I was hitting some good putts and then I hit a couple really good shots, couple really good putts on 8 and 9 and next thing you know it was just kind of off to the races and I birdied 10 and it was just a fun day.

Q.テつ I know it's frustrating 13 and 14 to not take advantage of those holes.テつ You get the birdie at 15 and then 16 it was decision time over there in the trees.テつ Walk me through the thought process I guess I would say at that point in time.
JEFF OVERTON:テつ Are you kidding me?テつ There wasn't any thought process.テつ That's why I hit it in the water.テつ (Laughs).テつ No, I was debating on chipping out but the way to chip out I couldn't really get it over the trees and I was going to have to lay it way back, and the caddie said I had 202 yards to cover the thing, so I was like I can hit a hard cut and the ball's going to go low and it's going to go right of the branches where the tree wouldn't even come into play and just had to make sure I hit a big cut and I just kind of tugged it.テつ And I think on that angle it was probably like 220 to cover it, not 202.テつ So I probably should have hit like a real high cut 3‑wood instead or probably chipped out, but it was‑‑ you know, it was a good par, and it kept me in there and was able to birdie 17.
It was just a good little finish the way it worked out.

Q.テつ Another week, another good start on a Thursday.テつ What do you take from today into tomorrow?
JEFF OVERTON:テつ You know, you just‑‑ we putted it good, and just continue to keep doing what we're doing and just have some fun and try to wake up for the 6:55 tee time.

Q.テつ Just threw out a good number today and then you look up at the leaderboard and see a lot of good scores up ahead of you.テつ Just what's the thoughts on that?
JEFF OVERTON:テつ Well, I mean it's not like the golf course is easy.テつ You know, it's in perfect shape, and you know, any time you get no wind and a golf course in perfect shape, this is the PGA TOUR, people are going to light it up.テつ And you get a fun drivable par‑4 and you get three par‑5s that are for the most part reachable if you hit the fairway.テつ And it's just a really fun golf course, like I said if you hit the fairway you hit good drives on those holes, you can really take advantage of it, but if you don't hit a good shot, you know, you're going to get penalized for it.
So even though the scores are a little low, it's not that it's a bad golf course.テつ It's I think a fun great track.テつ It's awesome playing courses you get those kind of opportunities.

Q.テつ Talk about the state of your game, good little start to the season and what's going well.
JEFF OVERTON:テつ Yeah, I had a little grip change and it felt great last week, and then I don't know, something didn't feel that good today.テつ I don't know what, but somehow the shots kept on going.テつ Just for some reason it seemed like I was hooking it more.テつ I couldn't cut it like I wanted.
But you know, the hard holes that I really needed to hit it great, the swing held up and I just striped it.テつ And then on the easier holes I was just able to really make some putts, and I hit some good wedges.テつ It's a course if you hit some fairways, then you're going to get some chances, and I was able to do that.

Q.テつ Was the tendonitis in your left wrist?

Q.テつ The actual grip, not the equipment.
JEFF OVERTON:テつ Yeah.テつ I think I wound up‑‑ yeah, it was just the grip.

Q.テつ Okay, the way you were holding it?
JEFF OVERTON:テつ A little stronger, kind of helps the club get a little more square at the top without having to kind of tweak it and then it putts the pressure on the outside of it.

Q.テつ And what time do you get here tomorrow for the 6:55 tee time?
JEFF OVERTON:テつ Probably go home and take a nap, wake up about 2 am.テつ No, probably normally wake up two and a half hours before the tee time, so wake up 4:30 and get on over here.

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