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October 16, 2013

Austin Jackson


Detroit – 7
Boston ‑ 3

Q.  Can you talk about what a relief this was and how sick you may have become of people asking you game after game, what's the matter, what's going wrong?
AUSTIN JACKSON:  Well, it felt good to contribute to a win and just relax, really, just get a chance to go out there and not put so much pressure on yourself, just have fun and relax and just play the game like you know how.

Q.  I know the lead‑off spot only really has the distinction that first time up, but still when that first inning comes around and you're in the dugout and you're getting a chance to watch Peavy pitch to some of these other guys before you come up, how different of a feeling is it and how different did it feel when you got up there in the second inning, bases loaded, RBI situation?
AUSTIN JACKSON:  It felt a little different.  Just hitting down in the order and coming up after guys have already hit and getting a chance to see what he's doing to guys.  I think that it definitely helped to be able to get to see some of the pitches that he was throwing other guys and just have a game plan when you go up there.

Q.  What was your reaction when you first heard you'd be eighth?  Did any part of you think you didn't like it at first?
AUSTIN JACKSON:  Honestly, I really didn't have too much of a reaction.  I know that I've been scuffling this postseason.  It's not a secret.  So I really didn't have too much of a reaction, you know, I was happy that I was still in there.  That's a good thing.  But I think the goal was just to give me ‑‑ get me to relax and just go out and play, don't put so much pressure on yourself.

Q.  We were told that you guys got texted.  I'm assuming that's how you found out, if that was.  Where were you when you read the text?  Did any part of you think either when you saw the text or maybe last night that you would actually maybe be benched for this game?
AUSTIN JACKSON:  I was actually in bed when I got the text.  I was asleep.  And that's what woke me up.  That's kind of weird to wake up to that text message.  But actually I didn't really have too much of a reaction to it.  I was thinking it's probably going to come sooner or later.  And I think it worked out for the best.

Q.  Were you thinking that would come, like a lineup change or you would be sitting for a game?
AUSTIN JACKSON:  I was thinking a lineup change.  That's something that when you're trying to get yourself going a little bit, you've got to mix things up.

Q.  With the way the ball has been bouncing through the postseason, how surprised were you when the ball bounced off Pedroia's glove and you got the RBI single?
AUSTIN JACKSON:  It was a relief, really, to see that.  I remember the other night hit a similar ball over there in the hole and he made a drive ‑‑ he made a great play on that.  Once you see him leave his feet, he makes a lot of great diving plays.  To see it bounce off his glove was just relief right there.

Q.  You said it was nice to feel relaxed up there.  At what point in the game did you start to feel relaxed?
AUSTIN JACKSON:  Well, I think after the walk, it definitely made me relax a little more.  It was a big situation right there to try to get something done.  And I think after I seen a couple of pitches I was able to kind of just take some deep breaths and relax a little bit.  And not worry so much about the result, just try to get a good pitch, make sure you're seeing the ball and take some good swings when you get your pitch.

Q.  Do you feel like if you were in the lead‑off spot today you would have had the same type of game that you did?  Or did you think that the lineup shift actually did have some sort of effect?
AUSTIN JACKSON:  I have no idea if I would have ‑‑ if I would have had the same type of game.  Being in that lead‑off spot, trying to get things going at the top, so I think that me moving down, it helped with just making me relax and be patient and just have fun, really.  Not pressing so much up there.  And like I said, I think that definitely helps.

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