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October 16, 2013

John Farrell


Detroit – 7
Boston ‑ 3

Q.  Can you talk about Peavy tonight?
JOHN FARRELL:  Yeah, he came out, I thought he was crisp in the first inning, and in the second inning looked like he pitched a little too fine.  Obviously the pitching behind the count, issued three walks.  They bunched some hits.  Obviously the big one, Torii Hunter's.  Even after that we walk in the two runs.  Iggy hits a hard hit ball to second base that looked like it handcuffed Pedey a little bit.  And instead of being out of it with just two runs, then the base hitting behind it, and they put five on the board in that second inning.

Q.  Your team has not beaten itself too often during the season and certainly not in the postseason.  It's pretty uncharacteristic between bases loaded and then the double play that doesn't get turned.
JOHN FARRELL:  Yeah.  Again, I think we probably contributed to the building of the inning, things we have control over, and that's hopefully command in the strike zone with a little bit more consistency.  Jake has been so good at that, uncharacteristic with the three walks inside of one inning.
You're asking for a little bit of trouble by additional base runners and unfortunately what turned out to be giving them an extra out, lends to a crooked number on the board.

Q.  Are you going to play Bogaerts tomorrow?
JOHN FARRELL:  Haven't made a decision on tomorrow's lineup.  But given the way the left side of the infield, we're struggling a little bit to get production out of that side.  So it's something that's being considered for sure.

Q.  Jim Leyland tonight shook up his lineup quite a bit.  How do you feel about that when your team is struggling, making significant changes, or just hoping that the guys who brought you here can start to hit?
JOHN FARRELL:  We had 12 hits tonight.  And you leave 10 men on base.  The one thing when we've been in stretches like this, we continually do a very good job of creating opportunities.  We did that tonight.  We haven't done it so much in the first three games.  But that's a tip of the hat to the pitching that we've been facing.
But the one thing that we've maintained is a constant approach with the lineup and not creating further uncertainty.  And I think our guys have responded well to that.  I thought overall it was a very good offensive approach tonight, unfortunately two‑out base hit was elusive and any kind of extra base hit with any men on base.

Q.  How hard does the ball have to be hit for it to handcuff Pedroia?
JOHN FARRELL:  He's so consistent, he's such a good defender.  The ball was hard.  He squares it up and typically that's a routine double play we've seen many, many times over.  Like I said, it handcuffed him a little bit just enough to not be able to turn a double play.

Q.  The four pitch walks, did those drive you as crazy as anything?
JOHN FARRELL:  Well, he's certainly not trying to do it.  And like I said, it looked like he was trying to be a little bit too fine in that second inning.

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