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October 16, 2013

Justin Rose


ADAM SCOTT 70, 64 (-8)
JUSTIN ROSE 67, 69 (-6)
JASON DUFNER 69, 70 (-3)

JULIUS MASON:  Justin Rose, your second place finisher in the PGA grounds slam of golf.  What do you think of your round out there?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, obviously I got off to a nice start, it was all going well on the front nine.
I felt like the conditions picked up pretty much in the same point of the round.  I don't know if that's just an every day thing, the wind picked up around here, and yeah, I think 9, 10,11, 12, that was quite a struggle there for everybody through that stretch.
The weather, the rain sort of stopped and I guess it was all Adam really I guess.  I struggled and hit one bad shot‑‑ hit in the hazard on 16; and I didn't hit a lot of great shots on the back nine, that's what I will say, but I was hanging on.  Didn't really play all that well today but was hanging on.  And Adam, to give him credit there, had an amazing finish.
JULIUS MASON:  Let's go through your card, starting on No. 4.
JUSTIN ROSE:  I hit driver, 8‑iron in there to five feet and made birdie.
The 5th hole, I hit driver, gap wedge to 15 feet.
6, I hit driver, sand wedge to about eight feet.
7, I hit in the left rough and I shanked a 9‑iron on to the 8th fairway.  Had about 60 yards back to the green and up‑and‑downed that for birdie.
9, I pulled it left off the tee and was stuck behind a tree in the front bunker which is a tough up‑and‑down today.
And then 16, hit it in the hazard off the tee.
For me, 15 was a key hole.  I had a 30‑footer there and was like, okay, come on, give me a great read here and hit just a beautiful putt.  All over that 30‑footer I think it's in the middle; with a foot to go, somehow misses and Adam drains a 20‑footer.  That was a momentum shift, because my putt to go three ahead was in, in my mind.  At that point it's quite interesting how you've lost the tournament by two, but I guess it just shows, no lead is safe really.
Apart from 16, it is what it is, I suppose.  It all came down to Adam's finish.  He did really well, with two great shots into 17.
JULIUS MASON:  If it makes you feel any better, he had to shoot a course record in to do it.
JUSTIN ROSE:  That's the position I put myself in.  I started with a two‑shot lead and somebody had to shoot well to beat me.  When you're in that position you want to close it out, but when somebody finishes it out like that, you have to tip your hat and say, you were beaten rather than losing.

Q.  (Inaudible.).
JUSTIN ROSE:  I looked at the scoreboard.

Q.  You had four birdies on the front nine.
JUSTIN ROSE:  He was 4‑under the last six so that's a strong finish.

Q.  At one point, you were four ahead; were you looking ahead?
JUSTIN ROSE:  No, I wasn't really bothered to be honest with you.  I was just playing.
Yeah, like I said, at that point I felt confident I was going to win but I was just going about play my game.  I didn't have my best game all week really, and I'd have been surprised‑‑ I'd have really been pleased if I had gone ahead and won because I didn't really feel like I had my best stuff.
Putted really well this week, which I'm excited about for the next five weeks out on Tour.  We have a big finish to the year and if I can keep rolling it the way I am, I think some really good things are going to happen.

Q.  What club at 16, please?
JUSTIN ROSE:  4‑iron.

Q.  Was that too much?  Was that long, as well?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I think it would have been pin‑high.  It just kept turning on the breeze.  You know, the thing is on that hole, it's interesting, you don't feel the breeze on the tee box that much.
Maybe you just never allow for enough on the right‑hand side when the wind is coming from the right.  I actually made‑‑ that was one of my better swings of the day believe it or not.  Maybe a slightly‑too‑aggressive line, but at no point when I hit it or struck it did I think it was going to be at the hazard.
At one point I thought it was turning towards the bunker and obviously a bunker shot would be no problem, but it just kept going.
JULIUS MASON:  It's been fun hanging out with you on the island of Bermuda.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Been fun for me to.
JULIUS MASON:  Going to come back again?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Absolutely.

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