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October 16, 2013

Adam Scott


ADAM SCOTT 70, 64 (-8)
JUSTIN ROSE 67, 69 (-6)
JASON DUFNER 69, 70 (-3)

JULIUS MASON:  Adam Scott is your 2013 PGA Grand Slam of Golf Champion.
Adam, if you would not mind maybe just generally taking us through your thoughts today, and I think we are going to have to go through your card and talk about that 64 today.
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, obviously I'm thrilled to come out on top.  Fun, but a trying couple of days here really, especially today.  It felt like a long round out there but I was happy with the score.
Standing on the 11th tee, didn't like lake a score like that was going to be possible, but I played very well and managed to slowly claw away at Justin.  After he made bogey on 16, I managed to capitalize on that by hitting such a great shot into 17.  A really fun couple of days so doing my best to try to get myself through.
JULIUS MASON:  And 64, course record here, let's go through the card if you don't mind, starting on No. 1.
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I hit a driver and a wedge very close on 1.  I just tapped it in.
3 I hit a wedge to about four feet.
On 7, I hit a driver and 7‑iron and 2‑putted from 35 feet or 30 feet.
13, I hit a 7‑iron to six or seven feet maybe.
15 I drove it in the left rough and only had 80 yards and just chipped a sand iron out to the front edge and holed a pretty long putt.  It must have been nearly 30 feet, maybe 25.
And 17, I hit a driver and a 6‑iron and obviously was a tap‑in.

Q.  How far was the 6‑iron on 17?  What did you have to the hole?
ADAM SCOTT:  It was 190.

Q.  Did you sense on 16 after Justin hit his shot that you kind of feel a little momentum change there?  Did it give you maybe a little more focus or drive to get it done?
ADAM SCOTT:  I don't think it was a change there.  I think after I birdied 13, I felt like this is close now.  We're close, and then obviously he just missed on 15 and I make, and I think I went to one back at that point.
So I mean, at one back and with those three holes, anything can happen.  So I didn't‑‑ I guess the momentum was on my side but I was just thinking I need to hit good shots and see whether he can respond because I had honor.

Q.  He got on a pretty good run there early with those four straight birdies, opened up a four‑shot lead, conditions seemed like they were getting more and more difficult the longer that you went on.  How difficult was it to get yourself to stay in it.  There's a lot of golf left to be played and anything can happen when you look at the scoreboard and see something like that.
ADAM SCOTT:  On a day like today, it's easy to know that.  I think experience can tell you that, especially with a tough back nine like it is here.  If he kept playing like that, he deserved to win.
But the back nine was going to be tough whether the weather got better or worse.  It makes you hit a lot of good shots to have a good score.  And as we made the turn, the weather got awful for a little while.  But, look, he played good, and his only mistake really was 16.  And he made a good bogey in the end.  But I kind of took advantage of being back in the hunt and hitting a great shot on 17.

Q.  Just wondering what your plans were for the next couple of days and what you've got coming up the next month or so.
ADAM SCOTT:  I'm leaving tonight.  I'm going over to the U.K. to see my sister and kind of make my long way home to Australia over the next couple of weeks.  I'll spend some time with her over there, hoping for good weather (chuckling), wishful thinking maybe.
But I'm looking forward to catching up with them and getting back to Australia in time for the Australian PGA, which is the first week in November.

Q.  Is that the very same 6‑iron that you hit at Augusta?
ADAM SCOTT:  It isn't actually.  It's a new set I just started using at The Presidents Cup.  So this one's got some good stuff in it, too.  (Laughter) I'm happy with it.  I've been deciding whether I was going to keep them until now.  I'm going to keep using this one for a little while.
JULIUS MASON:  Ladies and gentlemen, really cool things happen when you win the PGA Grand Slam of Golf.  You automatically kind of get to come back if there's an open spot, and when you get the course record, you get visits by the Premier of Bermuda, and if you don't mind, I'd like to ask the Premier of Bermuda to com up, I believe he has something to say.
PREMIER CANNONIER:  Congratulations, wonderful victory.  On behalf of Bermuda and the Port Royal Golf Course, for setting the course record of 64 on the course, we'd like to offer to you and give you an honorary membership here, so we want to thank you very much.  Maybe we should make you ambassador, as well.  Congratulations once again.
ADAM SCOTT:  Thank you.  Do I get to keep it if someone beats it next year?  (Laughter).
JULIUS MASON:  Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.

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