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October 16, 2013

Padraig Harrington


ADAM SCOTT 70, 64 (-8)
JUSTIN ROSE 67, 69 (-6)
JASON DUFNER 69, 70 (-3)

JULIUS MASON:  Pádraig Harrington with a 71 in the final round ever the PGA Grand Slam of Golf, you have to be happier with today's round in miserable conditions, right?
P√ĀDRAIG HARRINGTON:¬† No.¬† Well, it was‑‑ kind of thought it was tough to shoot a good score in these conditions.¬† I knew I needed to get off to a quick start, which didn't happen, and you know, trying to catch up with the guys‑‑ I had done all the damage yesterday was a tough ask.¬† If you don't get a big start, it certainly is a long way back.

Q.  How difficult were the conditions out there?  It looked like it was pretty nasty at times.
P√ĀDRAIG HARRINGTON:¬† A couple of times, yeah.¬† Obviously tee shot on 11 was quite extreme, hard into the wind and rain.¬† And the modern equipment is not designed for wet balls and wet club faces.¬† When you put us in tough weather, the equipment, the idea is to hit it as far as we can on a sunny day, not a cold day or a wet day.¬† It's quite intimidating when you get weather like that.
But it wasn't there all the time obviously, and it was nice to finish off.

Q.  Obviously the two days didn't turn out the way you had hoped, but looking back on the weekend, it had to be a nice time for you and your family, and what is your schedule going to be the next month or two?
P√ĀDRAIG HARRINGTON:¬† I think everybody else has enjoyed themselves, anyway.¬† (Laughter) I might enjoy my next two days.
Yeah, look, it is a great week.  You do enjoy it more than any other tournament.  But saying that, you are focused on playing the golf.  Now that the golf is finished, I will take more of the sights of Bermuda in.  I hope the weather is going to be good.  Please tell me it's going to be sunny.
JULIUS MASON:  Anybody see the forecast for tomorrow or the next day?
P√ĀDRAIG HARRINGTON:¬† Better doesn't really qualify too much.¬† (Laughter).
JULIUS MASON:  Pádraig Harrington, ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much.

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