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October 16, 2013

Anibal Sanchez


Q.  What did it mean to you to have a big game like that, Game 1 of an LCS in Boston?
ANIBAL SANCHEZ:  What do you mean?

Q.  What did it mean to you?  How important was it for you to have a game like that?
ANIBAL SANCHEZ:  You know, that day we make some win for the team.  Every guy we pitched that day, we threw a good ball for that game and we made some wins, basically winning the series.
But that day is in the past.  Right now we need to focus for tomorrow.

Q.  I just wanted to find out, it could be a pretty intense game you're pitching in tomorrow.  It could be either 2‑2 or you guys could be down 3‑1.  Talk about pitching in such a huge game.
ANIBAL SANCHEZ:  I know the situation what you say.  But tomorrow is one day, I'm not going to think too much where we're at or what we got.  I think I need to go there and throw good ball for making another win, especially the situation we have, 3‑1 or 2‑2.  But I need to just get ready for make good game.

Q.  How do you approach it when it's the second time you face a team in such short amount of time, do you try to do everything opposite or go with what worked or what do you do?
ANIBAL SANCHEZ:  Yeah, for tomorrow I think I need for the game, I need to prepare for tomorrow.  All the time I say every day different.  When we are on the mound, the pitcher move a lot or something like that.  But tomorrow I need to work more on the throw strike.  Last time I threw too many away, and I don't want to do on my next outing.

Q.  David Ortiz has this big personality, Big Papi, and guys love him and kids and all that.  Then you've got to stand there and face him.  As you look at him as a hitter, do you consider his personality at all, does he scare you, do you find anything funny, lighthearted about him?
ANIBAL SANCHEZ:  David is a good person.  Beside that, everybody know he's a great player.  He got the big hit for Boston all the time when Boston need it.  He did a couple days ago the way he tied the game with a grand slam.
The key for us is keep David Ortiz out of balance, you know, make some good pitch against him.  I know he's one of the guys can turn the score, can change everything on one swing.

Q.  In the middle of the competition of this series are you able to appreciate the greatness of the pitching so far, can you take a step back and acknowledge that, or are you so focused on what is going on that you worry about that later?
ANIBAL SANCHEZ:  I don't worry too much about anything, especially when I go to the mound or face a team like Boston.  Especially if I going to face twice in five days.  But I try to be focused on what I going to do tomorrow and get ready for it.

Q.  Obviously runs have been hard to come by for the Tigers.  When the games are that close how much harder is it on you or does it change your mindset in any way?
ANIBAL SANCHEZ:  Like for my games?

Q.  Yes.
ANIBAL SANCHEZ:  Yeah, like I say, I need to do my job.  And I have to control what I can control.  When I'm at the mound, I support my team and my teammate and the bullpen and everybody.  But when I don't have control about something, then I can't do too much.  But my support for my teammate after every out, even if I got a good at‑bat outing, it's there.

Q.  Why do you think you were so effective in Game 1, even though you had so many walks, what was working for you?
ANIBAL SANCHEZ:  I think my pitch, I think my pitch move really good that day.  And that's why I don't ‑‑ when they don't swing, the balls go down.  And another one just when I throw a strike ‑‑ I was ahead on the count, help me to strike them out, the guy, I think that was the key.  They help me that day.

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