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October 16, 2013

Garrius Adams

Rion Brown


JEFF FISCHEL:  It's time to talk to the defending ACC champs, the Miami Hurricane.
You guys are the defending champs, but every starter is gone, Rion.  Talk about how the team is preparing this year.
RION BROWN:  We're approaching it the same way as last year, just setting our team goals.  Coach L comes in with the same philosophy every year.  We just want to keep that going, just try to teach these young guys the winning ways.
JEFF FISCHEL:  Garrius, talk about the season coming up.
GARRIUS ADAMS:  Even though I wasn't part of the actual physical part of the team with the championship run, I did do a lot of the teaching and helping with the plays and being kind of like a second coach to most of the team.
Last year was great.  I just want to continue that success this year.
JEFF FISCHEL:  Let's talk about how coach L is handling having basically a new starting five.  Rion, have you seen him change the way he is approaching this season, the kind of game plan he's drawn up for you for the season?
RION BROWN:  I would say this year feels like the first year he got here.  It's a lot of teaching the younger guys, trying to get them to understand exactly what he wants from them.
He never really changes.  He's exactly the same every year.  That's one thing I think he takes pride in.  He approaches every year with the same mindset, and that's just winning and working hard.
JEFF FISCHEL:  Garrius, talk about what Coach L has been trying to pass along to you guys this season.
GARRIUS ADAMS:  I would say Coach L is a very personal coach.  He knows exactly what to get out of his players, which ones does what well.  I think he's going to take a key to that this year and kind of exploit what me, Rion and all the other players on our team does so well.
JEFF FISCHEL:  Questions.

Q.  In the past Syracuse, Pitt, Notre Dame, Miami was familiar with.  What can you say about having them in your conference?
GARRIUS ADAMS:  I'm in love with the new additions to the ACC.  I think they're going to come and help a lot.  I think it kind of reminds most of the people who were in the past with Miami about the old Big East.  If you remember those games, those were very physical.  They were hard games.
I think the new additions are going to be great.
RION BROWN:  It's definitely exciting.  Haven't got a chance to play any of those teams in my career.  Getting new scenery on the road, it's going to feel great.  Never been to New York.  I'm excited about going there to play Syracuse.
I'm glad they made those additions to the ACC.  I think it's definitely going to make the conference better.  We're considered one of the best and we're keeping it going.

Q.  You were talking about the physical play of the Big East.  Is there a different brand of basketball for the teams that they're going to have to adjust to?
RION BROWN:  I think, yeah, they're definitely going to bring some of that physicality down to the ACC.  It's going to be a little struggle, whether the fast play continues, the more physical nature of the Big East starts to take over.
I think it's going to end up being a little bit of both.  You're definitely going to see a different brand of basketball now.  It's definitely going to be fun to watch.  I'm ready for it, definitely.
GARRIUS ADAMS:  Like Rion said, I think it will be a little bit of both, too.  I think the teams that are coming in are great teams from great programs.  I think the ACC has done a great job of bringing in the best teams to be in the best league.

Q.  Talk about how winning the title last year has raised the expectations at home?
GARRIUS ADAMS:  I think last year, we were very focused.  I think that was the biggest thing that we kind of had to figure out was our focus.  I think if we carry that over to this year, we'll be fine.
RION BROWN:  I think it definitely raises the bar for us as a program.  We don't want to have a letdown.  We want to continue to be one of the best in the ACC.  I definitely think we helped our cause with recruiting.  Everybody being able to see that we can be a force, we can go out and get those great players who end up going to Duke and Carolina every year.
I think that's really going to help us in the future and also this year.  We had a lot of great freshmen come in this year kind of under the radar.  We've been under the radar since we've been in the ACC.  It worked out for us last year.  Coach L has been doing great with those guys.  We look to continue.
JEFF FISCHEL:  What was last year like with the run?
GARRIUS ADAMS:  The excitement last year was tremendous.  We did a great job of handling all that excitement, too.  Coach L does a big job on telling us we need to have fun when we play, enjoying playing with your teammates.  I think that's what we did.  We did that very well all the way up to the Sweet 16.
JEFF FISCHEL:  I've been doing a little investigating.  Rion, you said you're the best singer on the team.  Is this true?
JEFF FISCHEL:  Do you ever bust out something in the locker room?
RION BROWN:  All the time.

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