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October 15, 2013

Justin Rose



JULIUS MASON:テつ Justin Rose, our leader in the clubhouse, he's in with a 67, 4‑under.テつ Justin, if you wouldn't mind talking a little bit generically about your round today and we'll go through your card, your birdies and bogeys.
JUSTIN ROSE:テつ Yeah, sure, obviously as you can see looking out there, there's a lot of red on the front nine, not so much red on the back nine.テつ I thought the wind kicked up as we with were playing the ninth hole.テつ That's when I noticed it, or maybe that's where I noticed it because that's where I made my first bogey, anyway.
So I felt like I didn't really play my best today but I kept the ball out of some really bad spots out there on the golf course.テつ I felt like I putted really well today.テつ I felt like I read the greens well.テつ There's quite a bit of break.テつ I felt like I had a lot of putts that I was playing two, three, four cups outside the hole.テつ But for the most part, I read the greens well, which I think translated into one, two, three, four, five, six‑‑ seven birdies.
If I can do that again tomorrow and clean up a couple of mistakes, swing the putter a little bit better, should be a good day.
JULIUS MASON:テつ If you can go through the card really quick.テつ No. 1, shot of the day, right?
JUSTIN ROSE:テつ Yeah, it should have been the shot of the day.テつ It was followed by ‑‑ followed the worst shot of the day.
So my tee shot on the first hole was going left.テつ Actually I thought it was going to go straight in a bush, but it had landed in the cart path just in front of that bush and hopped over, so I caught a good break there.テつ And had 186 yards.テつ So I had to cut it around the tree out of the bermuda over the water; so just the start I was looking for, really.テつ Hit it to a foot there.
So I was just trying to keep the ball dry with my second shot into the first, make sure I didn't hit it into the water, but obviously I caught a break there.
The fourth hole I hit 3‑wood, 8‑iron to about 25 feet and made a nice putt.
Next hole, hit a good drive, had is about 70 yards and hit it to ten feet and made a good putt.
7th hole was downwind, playing pretty short today.テつ Hit driver, 7‑iron to 35 feet; 2‑putted.
Ninth hole, hit in the bunker off the tee.テつ Pulled it left of the green and didn't get up‑and‑down obviously.
10th hole, I hit 3‑iron, which was actually a poor shot down the left side of the fairway, but gave me a much shorter shot in.テつ Had about 90 yards and hit it to three feet.
On 12, I hit 3‑wood off the tee and had 90 yards again to the hole and hit it to eight feet and made that putt.
Then a couple bogeys in a row‑‑ do I need to go through exactly what happened there?
JULIUS MASON:テつ No.テつ But I would like to know why you're the only one that parred 16.
JUSTIN ROSE:テつ Basically I got off the bogey train.テつ Holed a six‑ or seven‑foot comeback putt on 15 to get me off the bogey train, which at that point was quite key for me; having been 5‑under and feeling like I was going back to 2‑under was tough.
Then 17 is just a hole where you simply have to hit a great shot.テつ There's not much margin for error.テつ Adam made a good swing there.テつ Literally just three or four yards right of the pin.テつ Hit the edge of the bunker and kicked up the back face.テつ I mean, he caught a terrible break there but just shows you what can happen I guess on that hole.テつ I hit I good shot to the middle of the green, 2‑putted back to the hole.
I made my two best swings of the day on 17, two 3‑woods to about 25 feet and 2‑putted for birdie.

Q.テつ The back nine played a lot more difficult than the front nine today.テつ What do you attribute that to?テつ Was the wind more difficult, or is that side just more difficult than the front side today?
JUSTIN ROSE:テつ Yeah, I feel like I'm still learning the golf course.テつ I feel like 10 is a birdie opportunity.テつ 11 is a pretty tough hole but hit a good tee shot.テつ 12 should be a birdie hole.テつ 13 and 14 are tough holes.テつ 15 is a dangerous hole but to be honest with you, the drive that we hit down there, that's a birdie hole, flipping a wedge in.テつ 16, the par3s, are tough on the back nine.
But to be honest with you, there should be as many holes on the back nine as the front nine.テつ But I think the wind did kick up and I think also, it's a long day out there.テつ We're not used to playing fourballs, and I think just to keep your concentration for maybe an hour longer than you're used to could translate into a couple mistakes, you ever know.
I don't even know how long the round took, 5 1/2, five and a bit, that's not too terrible.テつ That's the only other thing I could dream up to sort of be a reason.

Q.テつ Looking at today and the board today, do you have a winning score tomorrow, what it's going to take?
JUSTIN ROSE:テつ Obviously it's very weather dependent around this golf course.テつ But say if we have the same as today, if I can shoot another 4‑ or 5‑under, might be pretty hard to catch, and if someone does catch you, you have to sort of give them credit.
My job tomorrow is just to go out, have fun again.テつ This is what it's all about, being here and having fun.テつ First and foremost, enjoying the reason why you are here; but obviously you do want to play your best and I want to go out and just play a good round of golf and try and be hard to catch.

Q.テつ What did you hit for your second shot at No. 1?テつ And could you actually see the flagstick from where you were or were you blocked out?
JUSTIN ROSE:テつ I was blocked out.テつ There was a big, tall tree that I had to cut a 6‑iron around.テつ I had 186 yards.テつ I had a bit of a flyer lie into the breeze so I was making a few calculations.
Hit a cut 6‑iron and as soon as it came off the club, I knew it was going to be pretty good.テつ I just didn't realize how good it was going to be.テつ Obviously if it was ‑‑ anything left of that hole would have fallen 20 feet off to the left.テつ So to keep it up on the ridge was a slight stoke of fortune, but still, it was a great shot.
JULIUS MASON:テつ He was practicing that shot two days ago.
JUSTIN ROSE:テつ Except I was playing the second hole.テつ (Laughter).
JULIUS MASON:テつ Justin, thanks very much for coming in.

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