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October 12, 2013

Jhonny Peralta

Anibal Sanchez


Detroit – 1
Boston ‑ 0

Q.  Could you describe what it was like six no‑hit innings, and you had to watch your teammates finish out the last three innings?
ANIBAL SANCHEZ:  Today I just tried to ‑‑ I know this guy, what they do all year long.  It was really crazy.  I just tried to keep my ball down, in the strike zone.  I don't try to miss in the middle.  That's why a got a couple walk today.

Q.  Was it tense at all with a no‑hitter?
ANIBAL SANCHEZ:  You know, at this point especially in this series, it's not about throwing a no‑hitter, as soon as you get some zeroes inning by inning, and you face hitter by hitter, and get him thrown out, it's more important.  It's more important than the no‑hitter at this point.

Q.  When you led off with a double, and I believe it was the fourth or whatever it was, and then Napoli made such a terrific play.  There was no way to second‑guess your base running on that, was there?
JHONNY PERALTA:  In that situation, you know, he play in and I don't have a chance to go there, so I tried to go back to second base, and so there's nothing I can do right there.

Q.  After that long fifth inning, did you try to get Leyland to let you go back out for the seventh?
ANIBAL SANCHEZ:  No, he told me that my job is done.  I say yeah.  Because even I got a lot of pitch.  So I don't want to rush back just because we got a no hit.  I think they need to bring some fresh arm to get some innings quickly, and get the team ‑‑ get the win, was what we do today.

Q.  Even though you said a no‑hitter didn't matter as much as the win, did you feel like you had no‑hitter type stuff, did you feel you had that type of stuff?
ANIBAL SANCHEZ:  I figure today, especially when today, not anything close to what I threw against Oakland at home.  I work in my mechanics during the off days, and I try to put it in the game.  I think my old pitch working.  I tried to be on top of the ball for make more move on the pitch, and that's what I do early in the season this year and it work today.

Q.  Can you take us through the Stephen Drew at‑bat, what was your approach and what were you thinking?
ANIBAL SANCHEZ:  Just try to get ahead.  I know they got bases loaded and really close game.  You try to get ahead, and I just try to relax and make a good pitch for get out.  I just threw the pitch for a strike.

Q.  What did you think of the chance from the fans when you came to bat?  Were you surprised by them, does that kind of stuff motivate you, what did you think about that?
JHONNY PERALTA:  I don't try to put attention about what the fans doing or whatever.  I think it's better for me to go to home plate and try to working hard every day.  I don't try to listen to what people say, the fans and everything, I try to concentrate every day in the game and try to do my job.

Q.  How difficult is it this late in the season to make mechanical changes and what exactly did you do to fix your mechanics?
ANIBAL SANCHEZ:  You know, early when I pitch against Oakland, you know, I was mentally aggressive, I throw strike and get ahead.  For me I more throw hard.  No matter where the ball is going.  I make a lot of mistakes that day, a lot of fly ball, they hit it hard, three homers that day.  And I'm back to here just working with mechanics because you have to do that, no matter what part of the season you are.
But I know what you say, it's really hard.  It's not easy, when you make some change between starts.

Q.  After missing 50 games and having to learn a new position or play a new position, how are you able to stay so sharp at the plate and be one of your team's best hitters so far in the postseason?
JHONNY PERALTA:  In the Dominican Republic, I try to work every day over there.  And, you know, they call me and they give me the opportunity to be here.  So I try to working hard every day.  And I go to Florida for one week and working with a hitting coach over there in Florida.  And that's what I try to do more than anything, prepare to be in the playoff.

Q.  What does it mean to you to be able to contribute the way you're being able to contribute to your team given what's happened?
JHONNY PERALTA:  That's what I want to do.  I try to be positive and try to help our team.  And try to win games every day.  So this what I do more than anything.  I try to show that I can help the team.

Q.  It seemed like that second time through the order you got on a roll.  And then the sixth inning they kind of waited you out and took more pitches.  How difficult was that sixth inning on you and just especially when the bases got loaded, did you have to kind of take a breath and relax a little bit?
ANIBAL SANCHEZ:  Yeah, that inning I threw ‑‑ I get relaxed for every pitch, especially when I got Napoli with ‑‑ when I was behind the count and I throw back‑to‑back fastball.  And probably back to the seventh inning with less pitches.  I try to be relaxed basically when I got bases loaded.  I come back and throw every pitch for a strike.  That's what I looking for on the inning.  On the inning, I struck them out and was really excited at that point.

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