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October 12, 2013

Vijay Singh


Q. テつGood tournament here last year and good sold round out there today.テつ You're in good position.
VIJAY SINGH:テつ Yeah, would have loved to have made the putt on the last hole.テつ Would have been much more exciting.テつ Being 12‑under, the goal was to get to 12‑under.テつ Had a shaky start there, but played well in the middle.

Q.テつ You've gone back to a conventional length putter.テつ Still the claw grip with your right hand.テつ What's been the confidence factor with that?
VIJAY SINGH:テつ I've been working with Marryat, and he's helped he a lot.テつ We've been working for the last two months.テつ Went from a belly to a long short putter to a conventional length and conventional weight.
For some reason my speed control is very good.テつ That's given me a lot of confidence.テつ A little bit more release with my right hand.テつ Although I'm using the claw grip, I'm still using my (indiscernible.)テつ It's kind of worked all the way through my game.

Q.テつ A little taste of the Champions Tour, but not quite ready to go there yet.
VIJAY SINGH:テつ No, I'm playing well and looking forward to this season.テつ I think the way I'm playing, I'm excited.

Q.テつ Do you expect any nerves tomorrow out there being in contention again, or is it you you've done it so many times it won't be a factor?
VIJAY SINGH:テつ I don't know.テつ We'll see tomorrow.テつ I'm not in the lead, so coming from behind is much easier than being in the lead and haven't won for a long time.
But I feel good.テつ If I keep playing well, there is not much nerves.テつ If you're not playing well and making all kinds of putts, then obviously you're going to have some nerves.
Striking the ball good and riving the ball really well and the putts have gone in, so it's a good feeling.

Q.テつ Take us through the eagle on 17.
VIJAY SINGH:テつ The wind died a little bit, and it was just a nice smooth driver and came out perfect.テつ All the way up there and kind of slow rolled it to the hole.テつ Jeff hit the same shot.テつ Landed just a little short and kind of rolled up the hill and came back some ten feet or maybe eight feet.
I didn't see it roll back, but I heard the crowd.

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