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October 12, 2013

Jon Jay

Trevor Rosenthal

Michael Wacha


Cardinals テや 1
Dodgers テや 0

Q.テつ Jon, you were somewhat self‑critical of your performance yesterday.テつ How did it feel today to get the game's only RBI?
JON JAY:テつ Well, it felt good.テつ Yesterday was yesterday and today was a new day, so I was happy I was able to come through in that moment right there and ended up being a big run.テつ So that was big.

Q.テつ Trevor, it's kind of like a myth in baseball, apparently now, that young pitchers succumb to the pressure in big situations.テつ You just keep doing better.テつ What is the deal?
TREVOR ROSENTHAL:テつ I'm not sure.テつ We've got a great team, so I'm just trying to fit in and do my part.テつ The last couple of days some really close games.テつ It's just fun to be a part of right now.テつ When you've got so many guys stepping up and filling the void, all you want to do is fall in too.

Q.テつ Jon, if we can go back to the sacrifice fly, first it was the passed ball, so obviously getting David over to third.テつ I think you were behind 1‑2.テつ It looked like he was trying to go low and you and it looked like you were able to get it out there.テつ Can you take us through the at‑bat and what you were looking for and what he ended up throwing you?
JON JAY:テつ Yeah, in that situation, infield in, a runner on third, less than two outs so trying to get something in the outfield.テつ Kershaw is a great pitcher.テつ I was able to get wood on the pitch and get it far enough where David could score.

Q.テつ Jon, the pitch before the sacrifice fly, you tried to squeeze Freese home and fouled a pitch off.テつ Did it feel like the sacrifice fly kind of redeemed you a little bit there?
JON JAY:テつ Yeah, I obviously didn't execute that play, but I had another chance, and I was just trying to get the job done any way I could.テつ I was able to get something in the outfield.テつ So I was happy I was able to get that done.

Q.テつ Trevor, that ninth inning, you struck out the side.テつ Were you feeling the energy from that crowd, and was that fueling you?
TREVOR ROSENTHAL:テつ Yeah, I was pretty locked in.テつ But it was a lot of energy in the stadium at that time.テつ I think just that game was electric from start to finish.テつ How close of a game it was being a one‑run game and how great the pitching was on both sides just trying to come in there and keep my composure.テつ Yeah, but it was definitely exciting.

Q.テつ Michael, obviously glad to get the no hitter out of the way in the first inning today.テつ But in all seriousness, could you talk a little bit about not having a lot of offense on your side and just what it meant to you and what you had to do to kind of just hold the Dodgers basically to nothing through what you pitched today?
MICHAEL WACHA:テつ Well, I mean, any time you're going up against a guy like Kershaw, you don't really expect even the best offenses to score a lot of runs off him.テつ So I tried not to pay too much attention to who was going for them.テつ Just go out there and try to throw up zeros.テつ You know, the defense was playing great behind me.テつ We were able to scratch across a run against a tough pitcher in Kershaw.テつ It ended up being enough for us.

Q.テつ Could you describe your mindset in the sixth inning when you got runners on second and third and nobody out?テつ And, again, bases loaded with one out?
MICHAEL WACHA:テつ Well, I mean, it was a 1‑0 ballgame at that point in the sixth.テつ I got myself in a little jam there with the bases loaded and no outs and then one out there.
I was just trying to get locked in with Yadier back there.テつ We took some time in between batters, a lot of mound visits, just to make sure we were on the same page.テつ I was pretty pumped up after I got a couple strikeouts there to end the inning and keep our team in the lead there.

Q.テつ Can you take us through your approach to Puig and break that down for us a little bit?
MICHAEL WACHA:テつ I mean, didn't really have a single approach just for Puig.テつ My approach all night was just attack him and make quality pitches against him.テつ Make them effective pitches, throw the off speed, any count.テつ That was just the way we approach all the hitters, really.

Q.テつ What do you credit these last three outings?テつ The Washington game, the Pittsburgh game, now this game?テつ What has been just working so well for you over these last three games?
MICHAEL WACHA:テつ It's hard to say.テつ I feel like just confidence in myself just pitching out there, just attacking the strike zone, just working down in the zone as well.テつ And that's whenever I would get in trouble, I'd leave balls up in the zone and people would crush them all over the place.テつ So I've been trying to work down in the zone and really, I guess, it works to my advantage.

Q.テつ I think the inning in which you had the bases loaded was the first time in the last three starts you'd had a runner in scoring position before there were two outs against you.テつ In terms of just a feeling of dominance you had today, how would you compare today to Pittsburgh and if you could just discuss perhaps the adrenaline you were feeling?テつ You were obviously amped up coming off the mound after that bases loaded situation?
MICHAEL WACHA:テつ Yeah, I was definitely amped up getting out of that jam.テつ I haven't had to pitch out of too many jams like that.テつ I mean, every game I've pitched in these past three starts, they've been close games.テつ So you've just got to stay focused in on every single pitch, every sing single batter.テつ And I guess it's helped me out in a way to stay locked in all game.テつ It's quite a good night tonight.

Q.テつ Is it proper to describe it as a feeling of dominance though?テつ Do you feel like you have overwhelming stuff at this point?
MICHAEL WACHA:テつ I wouldn't say that.テつ I just go out there and try to pitch contact.テつ Defense were making crazy plays behind me and keeping me in the ballgame that late.テつ They're taking hits away from guys.テつ A lot of the credit goes to those guys.
Yadier behind the plate, he gets me some calls, that's for sure.テつ I wouldn't say I was just dominating.テつ But I was just trying to pitch contact and it's been working out pretty well.

Q.テつ For Trevor and Jay, can you speak about that sixth inning from your perspective what he did?
JON JAY:テつ He did a great job.テつ That was really the first jam he was in all game.テつ To be able to pitch, he really pitched and dug deep and then pitched.テつ And him and Yadier did a great job back there.テつ So to watch that, that was definitely uplifting for the team.
TREVOR ROSENTHAL:テつ Yeah, I think the biggest turning points in the game, I'd have to imagine looking back at it now, against some of the hitters that they'd probably want to send to the plate in that situation to get those pitches and get those outs, it was huge and something that we definitely needed obviously with just the one run.

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