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October 12, 2013

Chris Doak


Q.  Just talk us through 18, an eventful way to finish?
CHRIS DOAK:  It was.  You don't really see many divots in the fairway out there‑‑ I had a 5‑iron and I thought I had plenty of club and hit it well and it kind of ballooned in the air and hit the rocks and it bounced to pin‑high, but pin‑high not on the green.  Didn't hit a great chip, and I thought I had a good putt for par.
I think this time of day, the greens are wobbling a little bit.  Had a few out there ‑‑ and at the end, just went away, but pleased with the day.

Q.  So now heading into Sunday‑‑
CHRIS DOAK:  Just the same, the same plan again.  Go out and enjoy the golf and see what happens.

Q.  When you see the low numbers this week and again today, you touched on the greens maybe churning up a little bit and also the wind picking up, game plan to go out tomorrow and go low and be as aggressive as you have been all week?
CHRIS DOAK:  Well, I have been aggressive but I've also played safe, as well.  So just stick to the game plan and see how it goes.

Q.  Relaxed, composed, you said before you came into this week; still feeling the same?
CHRIS DOAK:  Yeah, definitely.  Even the 18th, when I hit the rocks, just blamed my caddie (laughter).  But no, just disappointed that was my first bogey for the three rounds, so it would be good to finish it off just bogey‑free.

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