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October 12, 2013

Lance Lynn

Trevor Rosenthal


Q.  Trevor, last night before the game, the cameras caught you and Bob Gibson having a conversation in the dugout.  Can you share a little bit about what the Hall of Famer imparted?
TREVOR ROSENTHAL:  Yeah, I was just ‑‑ anytime I have the opportunity to be around those guys, trying to talk to them and maybe pick their brain a little bit at that time, we were just talking about some different things.  I got into a conversation about throwing fastballs away, mainly against right‑handed batters.  Just little tid bits of information that he had on some things that he used to do when he was playing.  So it was really cool to get his perspective.  It had been something that had been on my mind, so in that situation I just wanted to be sure to get his thoughts.

Q.  Did he give you the thumbs up?
TREVOR ROSENTHAL:  Well, I was just kind of looking‑‑ he gave me some advice about working fastballs away a little bit more and working off the plate.  You know, it's just something when a guy like that says it, it maybe has a bigger impact and focus on it a little bit more.
But his main point was not trying to change anything right now, work on that in spring training.  But it was cool to talk to him.

Q.  How difficult was it for you guys to stay loose yesterday, weather cooling down, going into extra innings?  Much harder than normal in the bullpen?
LANCE LYNN:  It wasn't that hard, really.  In a playoff game, whenever they tell you to get up and get going, there is a lot of adrenaline, and you get excited.  Once that kicks in, there is no real problem getting loose at all.
TREVOR ROSENTHAL:  Yeah, it was pretty much a normal routine coming in in a tie game.  I had the opportunity to pitch multiple innings, and everybody did a great job of filling their roles and filling in in those late innings.

Q.  Lance, did you know yesterday that you were likely going to be the Game 4 starter?  How does what you did in the game yesterday affect your routine leading up to that start?
LANCE LYNN:  I knew that there was a chance that I could be Game 4 starter.  Throwing yesterday, the only thing I won't do is throw a 'pen today, and today would be my normal 'pen day.  I actually hadn't been off the mound for seven or eight days prior to yesterday.  So I'm actually glad that I was able to get in the game situation and get going there.  I think that will help me going forward into starting Game 4.

Q.  Could you guys just talk a little bit about the value of having a guy like Adam Wainwright on the staff and what he brings in terms of leadership?  And maybe if you pick his brain at all?
LANCE LYNN:  Yeah, I mean, for me I got to spend all year with him in the bullpen.  I mean, we do the ‑‑ you go watch the other starters bullpen and you have a chance to talk about your last outing, your bullpen, things that you're working on, things that you need to improve on, things that you need to make sure you stay sharp.  And he's very good at making sure that your good things stay good, and your things that you need to work on are always trying to be improved, even when we're just playing catch.  He gives you a little target where he wants you to throw it and types of things like that.
You can always get better at any time.  That is the best thing I think he's ever taught me.  Doesn't matter when it is or what time it is, anytime you have a ball in your hand, you can get better, or any time one of your partners has a ball in their hand, you can get them better.  So it's a good trait that he has.

Q.  With a defensive player like Pete Kozma behind you at shortstop, is there a certain security that you have or can you even approach things differently with a little more security knowing that you have him at shortstop?
TREVOR ROSENTHAL:  Yeah, I think Pete's a great shortstop, and that kind of goes hand in hand with the type of team we have and the talent and the confidence we have that those guys are going to pick us up.  They're going to have our back whether it's on offense or on defense.  It's definitely special being able to go out there and throw pitches knowing that when it's put in play we're going to have a good chance to get an out.
Even looking at last night with the Beltran play at the plate, things like that, having that confidence that you don't have to go out there and try to strike everybody out.  We can attack the hitters.
LANCE LYNN:  Yeah, I mean, that's a great asset to have.  We've got a lot of guys that are able to throw a groundball when they need to.  So you have him to be able to turn a double‑play, and him and Matt Carpenter have come a long way together this year and this season.  Those two work together.  It's fun to watch and it makes it easier on the pitcher, especially when they're both out there playing at a high level.

Q.  I wonder what you take from your start against the Pirates and just also your experience against the Dodgers, and how much‑‑ if that was just too long ago to really take into this start against them or if you can learn something from them, and just how you kind of prepare for Game 4 over the next couple days?
LANCE LYNN:  I mean, we're not playing the Pirates, so I don't think about that start at all.  Then the Dodgers, I pitched out there I think in May.  They've got a different lineup, different situation now.
When it's all said and done, there are going to be guys that you've faced over time and you look at your bats against them, how you went about getting them out and things of that nature, and also see where maybe you can go somewhere else when you need to in a situation.  That is something that will be looked at the next couple of days.

Q.  How does Dodger Stadium play compared to Busch Stadium?  Do you have to approach a few things differently because of the dimensions and dynamics?
LANCE LYNN:  All I care about are the mounds, where it's supposed to be and that's pretty much it.

Q.  Can you talk about your journey all the way from JUCO ball to here, and what you've learned this year in the bullpen?
TREVOR ROSENTHAL:  That's a lot.  I don't know if I have enough time to talk about everything.  But, yeah, it's been pretty amazing ride to have an opportunity to get drafted by the Cardinals and come up through the organization, and to be here now and contributing on some really successful teams, being surrounded by a lot of great guys at the same time.
But this year is a fun year, and learning a new job and a new role in the bullpen, and having to experience that.  It's been great all around with the support from the coaches and the veteran guys, you know, giving information on the ways that I can keep improving.  But it's been great, and hopefully keep building on it.

Q.  How does your arm bounce back after multiple innings like that?  Do you know as you trot in to take the mound that the possibility is there to go multiple innings if the game stays tied?
TREVOR ROSENTHAL:  Yeah, coming in in a tie game, I think everybody has in mind that they want to keep going as long as they can and give us the best chance to win.  Right now I think with the postseason and bouncing back with the adrenaline and how bad you want to be out there contributing, it helps a lot.  Especially with the travel days and the rest, that helps a lot too.
But I think I feel good right now.  I know talking to a lot of the other guys in the bullpen, that they all feel really well too.  They seem to be bouncing back quicker than usual.

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