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October 11, 2013

Anibal Sanchez


Q.  Do you remember your time back in Portland, do you remember Jon Lester and what were your impressions of him back then?
ANIBAL SANCHEZ:  Yeah, I play with him.  One of the first guy I meet when I come to Boston was him in probably 2003, that I was on the DL and that's the year he signed.  So, yeah, I play with him.  I play with him in Portland.  We had a pretty good team at that time.

Q.  How difficult is the Red Sox lineup in your eyes to face?
ANIBAL SANCHEZ:  They got pretty good lineup.  I know a couple guy from the past, especially Victorino I faced a lot.  But they got a pretty good lineup.  Basically they got a pretty good team.  The guys play hard all year long.
And, you know, for me, I think I have to do what I do.  They really aggressive on the field, so probably tomorrow I'll probably have to show my ‑‑ throw a lot of pitch early in the game.

Q.  You pitched in the postseason last year.  How different do you feel it will be mentally to be back there tomorrow?  And are you the same pitcher now that you were a year ago?
ANIBAL SANCHEZ:  You know, I think all the time, even if we on the plate or off, every situation, I think every outing is different.
Tomorrow, yeah, it's a big day for me especially because I going to start the series again.  This team, a pretty good team.  But I think every day is different.  I need to keep working.  I need to be focused tomorrow.  Putting my first pitch is something I look forward to every outing.  I try to feel comfortable like I do all year long.

Q.  At what point during this week did you start to prepare yourself either mentally or just in your side sessions for this Red Sox lineup?  And what did you take out of last outing that you tried to work on between starts?
ANIBAL SANCHEZ:  From my last outing, you know, I can feel one team that ‑‑ I think come out aggressive, I bring more the hardball, and that's made me be well.
But as I prepare for tomorrow, you know, after that day I know we got the chance for big year.  And especially all the team.  Everybody got heads up for making that series.  And that's why after that point I started getting ready for tomorrow.

Q.  How much did it hurt last season to make it to the World Series, come so close, and not succeed?  And how much of a factor has that been in pushing this team during this season?
ANIBAL SANCHEZ:  You know, last year between the Champion Series and the World Series we were one week.  One week in cold weather, one week in October, so your body is really tired.
I think when we got to the Series, especially at that point, we was really cold.  Everybody, you know, when it start getting ‑‑ we need a couple more games for that point.
But that's in the past, you know.  I think the team right now we got more energy.  We got more time mentally for be here.  And I think everybody get ready for the next.
I think if something happen ‑‑ if something happened like last year, if the team made it like that, I think we have to do something different.  But at the end, nothing is right on the paper.  So we need to play.  We need to win four games to make the next series.  And that's why we're here.

Q.  You came up in the Red Sox organization.  What was it like when you were traded?  Was that a surprise or how did you handle that?
ANIBAL SANCHEZ:  I don't got any surprise about that.  I think I'm a baseball open mind.  I don't take care of any person.  I think everything is business.  The Red Sox need a couple people ‑‑ at the end it's a business game.  I'm feeling good right now.  I like my team and I'm really good over here.

Q.  Will it be special for you to pitch, because you came up in the system, in this park, in Fenway?  Did you think at all about pitching here when you were first in this system?
ANIBAL SANCHEZ:  Yeah, of course.  I was in Boston.  I playing two League, really close to here.  And I come a couple of times to this field, watching a couple of games.  I play in Lowell, Mass, really close to here.  And Portland, Maine is really close, too.  When I was in the Minor League, I remember I come a lot of games if Pedro Martinez pitching.  And I say one day I would like to have the uniform and be here.  But that's what you think at that moment.

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