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October 11, 2013

Chris Doak


Q.  How good was that?
CHRIS DOAK:  It was fantastic.  I got off to a great start, birdied the first two holes, and from there it was steady.  It was great to have a bogey‑free round, one day, never mind two, so it's been great.

Q.  You'd think it might be trickier, because the wind has been up more today.  You've found it easy enough?
CHRIS DOAK:  It goes back to what I said yesterday.  I'm just relaxed and playing free golf.  I feel like I can concentrate and just hit the shots.  I know that sounds weird but that's what my thinking is.

Q.  How much compensation is there when the wind is like this?
CHRIS DOAK:  You mean in terms of shot‑making?  I quite like to be fading it into a right‑to‑left and vice versa, so I quite like the wind.  I've grown up in the wind, so it's good for me.

Q.  Are you going to reconsider going to Perth if things work out or don't work out?
CHRIS DOAK:  I've booked up anyway.  I've booked my flights, so we'll wait and see, but I probably will go anyway.  I've never been to Australia, so might as well go.

Q.  In the meantime, you've been in this position across the season, so how much have you learned from knocking on the door?
CHRIS DOAK:  You know, I would say that your mind races a little bit at night, especially on the Saturday night if you're up there.
But now, you know, I haven't been up there a couple times.  Hopefully just play as I've been playing and just relax and enjoy the golf.  I think this is the first tournament I've properly relaxed and enjoyed the golf, so it's been good.

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