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October 11, 2013

Thomas Bjorn


Q.  Before we talk about the mechanics of how you knocked 11 shots off your score today, I'm interested in the mind‑set, you teed off having shot 3‑over yesterday, you know you need 5‑under today at least; tell us about the way you were thinking?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  I needed a fast start, and that was mostly‑‑ you know, I played very poor early on yesterday, and then in the end, I actually played decent and maybe let a couple of shots go there in the end, and I was a bit disappointed.  But thought I was coming a little bit better at the end yesterday, and I struggled last week and been struggling a bit.
So I just thought, we'll go out and just give it a go, and I got the start, birdied the first four holes and all of a sudden your frame of mind changes completely.  And on this golf course, you go from seeing trouble to seeing nothing but birdies really.
So it was a good day's work.

Q.  Was there any work done on the range last evening?  Any particular secret to the fact you managed to play so much better today?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  Not really.  I justkept the swing a lot more within myself yesterday.  I felt like I was hitting it way too hard, and today I felt like I wanted to go out and try and put the ball in play.  And the couple tough drives that were there, I just aimed away from trouble really.
Yesterday I took the golf course on a bit more and got penalised for that.  Today I just went out and played the way probably you should play this golf course, because there's been plenty of opportunities on this course.
I just got‑‑ it was mostly the start.  Your frame of mind changes dramatically when you get a start like that.

Q.  Any particular goals, targets for the remainder of the season?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  I've had a good year so far.  There's a lot of golf to be played and obviously want to try and maintain my World Rankings where they are and probably improve a little bit on them going into the next season so I can plan my schedule.  That's the main goal.
But having rounds like this will do a lot of good going into some tough golf tournaments.  I've just got to get the work done and get more and more comfortable again on the golf course.  It's been iffy since Switzerland, so I've just got to get comfortable on the golf course and rounds like this will give me confidence.

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