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October 10, 2013

Cheryl Reeve


Minnesota Lynx ‑ 86,
Atlanta Dream ‑ 77

CHERYL REEVE:  Our third year in The Finals, our second championship, and each journey is different, and this one was really special.  The first one of the climb, there's no doubt, that was fun, and then we came up short last year.  Yeah, there was a lot of people that didn't believe that we were still one of the top teams in the league.  You look at the beginning of the year and people picked us‑‑ we need to give Rebecca Lobo a share of this trophy because it was a great motivation for us that she thought that we were the third best team in the West, not just the league, the third best team in the West.  That was really good for us, it was really humbling, and we played with a chip on our shoulder much of the season.
This series was won‑‑ we played great.  We played great.  You know, we obviously have a good team.  We defend, we rebound, we can score, and I just thought that we were so committed to the game plan.  Atlanta had a great season.  They were playing well coming into the series, so hats off to them for what a great season they had.  Like I said, we played great, and I'm so, so proud of our group.

Q.  Your squad seemed to play with more continuity, more urgency, more deliberate.  Can you speak on that a little bit?
CHERYL REEVE:  Well, I thought that was true in the two home games.  I didn't know if that was the case tonight.  I thought Atlanta played with a great sense of urgency tonight.  I thought they did what they needed to do tonight and made things more challenging for us.  I thought the first and second game, you know, I think they tried to get their penetration.
The thing with Atlanta, the way that they play is very hard to play against.  They play very fast.  They play with a great deal of penetration, and if you don't guard penetration, you're going to be in a world of trouble.
We were very fortunate that we had the time off that we did before we played these guys because it allowed us to really harp on the idea that if you don't stay in front‑‑ as a matter of fact I thought tonight was an example of what Atlanta does.  I thought they had their way with us on offense, penetrating, getting a couple boards, but I thought for the most part that what we were doing on persistence I sort of slowly sucked the life out of Atlanta, especially in those two home games.  But I thought Bentley played great, Hayes played great in this game.  We did a tremendous job on Angel every single time we played her this year, so hats off to our players.  Our defense was good on her.
But I thought that tonight Atlanta did what they needed to do.

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