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October 10, 2013

Gael Monfils


G. MONFILS/R. Federer
6‑4, 6‑7, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ After seeing the tiebreak go Federer's way, you regrouped and stayed strong in the third set.テつ Talk us through how that went for you mentally.
GAEL MONFILS:テつ You know, 'cause it was easy what happened.テつ You know, I knew that I choke on this forehand at 5‑4.テつ I was like, on this forehand, it goes like, okay, I'm going to stick to the plan.テつ I repeat this one on his backhand.テつ Obviously, I run into the net.
Then I change my ideas because I was maybe nervous, too.テつ I repeat out.テつ Then, okay, he played good.テつ And then, okay, let's do exactly the same thing in the beginning of the third set.
Even I was tired, so I tried to play more aggressive sometime, go more for my shots and it worked.テつ So I took advantage of it.

Q.テつ Given Roger's not‑so‑great year compared to his previous years, do players now go into matches with him with a different mindset?テつ Did you go into today's match more confident knowing the struggles he's had this year?
GAEL MONFILS:テつ Well, not really.テつ You know, 'cause every time, you know, like a lot of people say, like, it's not the same Rog because he got two other great player with him, Novak and Rafa.テつ A third one play also very good, Andy.
But when he's on the court, he's still Roger.テつ He can rip it from anywhere.テつ He can do stuff that not many player can do.テつ You know, when you go on the court, you just stick to your plan and just, okay, I'm going to challenge him.テつ Then if you see the way, you took it.
But I think we still have fear when we play against him.テつ Just, you know, matters a couple point.テつ Then maybe helps a little bit because you know he had a couple loss.テつ So it's less fear, but still, you know, you're not going, Okay, I play Federer, it's easy draw.テつ No, definitely not.

Q.テつ It seems like the home court of Federer.テつ Each time they cheer for Federer.テつ What did you think of that?
GAEL MONFILS:テつ It is good.テつ When it is noisy, crowdy, they cheer for him, for me, it's just blow me for emotion.テつ That's where I'm very good at.
Even is against me, it's Davis Cup spirit, you know, and I love it.テつ So I don't care actually.

Q.テつ What surprised you today from Roger's side?
GAEL MONFILS:テつ From Roger?テつ I think he miss a little bit more than he used to play because he used to play aggressive and maybe miss a bit less.テつ Maybe I took a bit advantage of this.テつ I know he will try and go for his shot, but maybe he is a bit less confident.
You know, you might not try to play too risky and maybe make him play a bit more and let him rip his forehand and let him play another one, another one.テつ Before, his hitting forehand, it's like 99% shot that it's over.テつ This surprise me a little bit.
But then, as I says, he's still strong.テつ It's just a matter of confidence, I think.テつ I have no doubt that he will get back the way of journalist and people expect him.

Q.テつ Considering there are four places left for London, and Roger is one of those trying to qualify, how big a win do you think this one is for you?
GAEL MONFILS:テつ For me, it's a good match.テつ You know, it's a good match.テつ It's always good, you know, to beat Roger 'cause no matter what he is still the legend of the tennis.
It's a good win for me.テつ Yeah, I feel a bit sorry for him because I know he's running for London.テつ But it's tennis.テつ He's going to have more opportunity those weeks coming up.

Q.テつ You have the possibility of meeting Djokovic.テつ How much of a boost does this win prepare you for that match?
GAEL MONFILS:テつ Boost, I don't know.テつ It make me tired because I know if I play against him, is going to be exhausted, too.
I don't really think about it.テつ Try to relax and try to have a great recovery because I think is going to be the key no matter what.
If he's Novak, he's full confident.テつ It's a long rally from the baseline, he can hit any shot, forehand, backhand.テつ Is going to be a really, really tough one.テつ So I think I need to be more than 100% and to be fresh actually in my legs because is going to be a lot of running for me tomorrow definitely.

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