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June 3, 2005

Harrison Frazar


Q. Was it the placement off the tee that was so good for you?

HARRISON FRAZAR: Tee shots are hard because the wind is blowing in and off the right. And then with the fairways sloping towards the water, it's just a hard shot. When the fairways are playing firm, it's just extra hard, but the green is the hardest part. You've got to hit it in the right spot no matter where the pin is. If you're trying to make a birdie, you've got to take a chance, you've got to take a risk. I tried to hit a 7 iron just a little bit past the hole and just to the left, use the slope so I could get a decent birdie putt at it and I missed the spot by maybe eight feet, ten feet where I was trying to land it, and from 160 some yards, you've got to be pretty precise. I took my chance and got bit. That's okay, I'll live with it.

Q. Is that indicative of your mentality today? Were you aggressive all over the golf course?

HARRISON FRAZAR: Not really, no, not at all. I was just trying to get the ball in the fairway and give myself putts at birdie. I made a lot of good up and downs for par, made some real good par saves early in the round. No, I wasn't aggressive, I just felt like I had a good number and felt like the pin there was good for me, so I decided to take a chance.

Q. This is a familiar spot for you to be in here, in contention after a couple of rounds. What are your memories of this place over the years?

HARRISON FRAZAR: Well, I love this place. I love the golf course. They treat us fantastic in the clubhouse. Unfortunately my memories of finishing off tournaments are not good. You know, I think Justin and I played together a couple years ago, I can't remember when in Saturday's round, both of us were in the lead and we both played poorly. I played poorly one year playing with Tiger and Ernie on Saturday.

But I think I remember both of those years I played decent last round. I'm hoping history doesn't repeat itself. But I'm trying to take the positives, the feelings I have for this place.

Q. But tomorrow may be a key day at least mentally?

HARRISON FRAZAR: Tomorrow will be a tough round of golf for me. To be able to stick with what I've been doing and not worry about what happened in the past. We'll take it as it comes.

Q. Where did you get up and down from?

HARRISON FRAZAR: I made about a 15 footer for par on 2. From left of the green, from long left of the green on 3, probably the best pitch I've had in a long, long time down there to about 15 feet, made that.

And then on 11, I hit it in the right bunker off the tee and had kind of an iffy lie and tried to hit it across the water and didn't make it so had to drop it back 210 yards, 208 yards, and hit a 6 iron to about eight feet and made that for par. So those three were enough to propel me. But the ones at 2 and 3 were really confidence builders.

Q. We just watched Lucas come in in the group before you and kind of the same thing happened at 18. Does that show how difficult it is to close out here?

HARRISON FRAZAR: No, I don't think it's really any more difficult to close out here than it is at any other tournament, it's just a hard shot. I mean, you get it in the fairway and you feel like the greens are setting there into you, you feel like it's right there, everything is going to slope to the hole if you hit it in the right spot so you feel like you can take a shot at it, but if you don't pull it off, you're going to get hurt. I think it's a great risk reward shot and it'll make for a lot of exciting TV, that's for sure.

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