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October 10, 2013

Chris Doak


Q.  Your thoughts on 4‑under to start?
CHRIS DOAK:  It's a great start.  I said to myself at the start of the week, 2‑ or 3‑under each day is a very good foundation and 4‑under is one better, so pleased with that.

Q.  To be 3‑under each day sounds modest on a course like this with so many birdies?
CHRIS DOAK:  I looked at the score over the past few years, and the wind can get up here, so that was a mark that I set myself and that's what we went for.

Q.  I take it there wasn't much wind too trouble you?
CHRIS DOAK:  No wind at all, and gradually as the day has gone on, it's just got up.  I think that's the same for all week.

Q.  Seem nice and relaxed; are you?
CHRIS DOAK:  Definitely.  Just total opposite from the rest of the season.  Put a wee bit too much pressure on myself so just trying to relax this week and wherever the ball goes, it goes.  My coach keeps saying this is the game of opposites.

Q.  You only worry about the situation when we ask you some questions about it?
CHRIS DOAK:  No, everybody's been asking me for the last couple weeks, you know, about The Race to Dubai and where are you, and just take it as it comes.

Q.  I take it this is the kind of place where you can be relaxed isn't it?
CHRIS DOAK:  It's great, weather's beautiful, course is great so really enjoying it.

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