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October 10, 2013

Felipe Aguilar


Q.テつ Thoughts on the 66 to start?
FELIPE AGUILAR:テつ Again, I played very good today.テつ Very solid off the tee.テつ Good iron play I would say.テつ A couple of mistakes out there but I knew how to improve the error, you could say, and good putts to make a couple of birdies out there, which sometimes you thought you weren't going to make, and I made one long one I guess and the other ones were makeable.
But I struggled with the greens.テつ The speed today was a little slow out there so you really had to hit the putts, and sometimes you end up just right with one more roll and it was in.テつ But I think I was pretty solid all around, so very happy.

Q.テつ And relaxed and enjoying?
FELIPE AGUILAR:テつ Yeah, yeah.テつ Who wouldn't enjoy with this weather.テつ It's not often The European Tour plays in such good weather, so very happy, yeah.テつ I played solid, good weather.テつ What else can you ask for.

Q.テつ You got good weather in the Dunhill recently?
FELIPE AGUILAR:テつ I lied, we did get good weather in Dunhill, Scottish Open.テつ So we've had actually great weather this year.

Q.テつ Is this a spin on from the form that you showed there?テつ I know it was the first round, and not every round, but good signs.
FELIPE AGUILAR:テつ Yeah, I mean, I had one blimp in those 54 holes obviously, stuff happens.テつ I've been playing great, and you know, hopefully I can continue.

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