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October 10, 2013

Brittany Lang


Q.  Currently, second here in the first round.  Just talk about your round.  You're off to an awesome start, four straight birdies.  Talk about that start and how it jump started your week?
BRITANNY LANG:  Yeah, it was great.  I love this event.  The Sime Darby is a great host.  I like Malaysia, the people are so nice so I always have a good attitude coming in here.  I did a really good job.  I've been swinging at it good but haven't made too many putts lately.  So just trying to commit to my lines today, and really got off to a hot start.  I felt really comfortable out there.

Q.  Talk about this stretch and the season.  You haven't had too many awesome finishes recently.  Talk about really wanting to finish well in this 2013 season?
BRITANNY LANG:  Yeah, it's kind of been a weird year.  I've been hitting it really good, playing well, my attitude hasn't been the greatest, so I've been really working hard on that, and it's been really good.  I think that is going to be the difference for me to finish up the good year.  It means everything to me to finish this year strong, because I'm not where I want to be on the money list.

Q.  Tell us about your game today?  Almost finished same as the leader on the last hole?
BRITANNY LANG:¬† Yeah, I played great.¬† It was a fun day.¬† Just didn't make too many mistakes, hit the ball fantastic, had a lot of tap‑in birdies.¬† It was just a very easy day.¬† Had a lot of fun playing with Mo and Aretha¬† Just had a good time.

Q.  Tomorrow any changes in your game plan?
BRITANNY LANG:  No, I think maybe a little bit more Gatorade out there because it gets pretty hot towards the end.  I didn't finish off as strong as I'd like to.  So get some rest and just make sure I'm eating and drinking enough out there.

Q.  Talk about the course conditions.  I know everyone said the greens are in pretty good condition and the green reading is pretty straightforward.  The fairways were surprisingly wet.  Just talk about conditions and what you adjusted to?
BRITANNY LANG:  Yeah, the course looks great.  The fairways are soft, so we're playing it up, getting the mud off the ball.  The greens are fantastic.  They're rolling great.  There is just the right amount of firmness, so it's fantastic, yeah.

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