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October 10, 2013

Jodi Ewart Shadoff


Q.テつ From what I saw on the highlights you had a couple of eagle chances.テつ Talk about this course setting up to your game.テつ You obviously can bomb?
JODI EWART SHADOFF:テつ Yeah, long off the tee, and that's a huge advantage especially I've had a little less club in than most of the girls out here to these greens.テつ So definitely an advantage when you can get home in two on a couple of the par‑5s, so that definitely helped out today.

Q.テつ Four straight birdies to start; that had to be a pretty solid way to get the week started.テつ What went through that stretch?テつ What went through your mind there?
JODI EWART SHADOFF:テつ I was just very calm going out there today.テつ Hit some good shots and all the shots were really pretty close.テつ Yeah, when I was like on my third and fourth holes I was like, all right then.テつ Let's just keep going on.

Q.テつ Have you ever had a start like that?

Q.テつ Was that out of nowhere?
JODI EWART SHADOFF:テつ Yeah, pretty much.テつ I've never had that good of a start.

Q.テつ Four in a row?

Q.テつ Usually a slow starter or just not like that?
JODI EWART SHADOFF:テつ Usually a slow start, yeah.テつ Definitely I tend to play my better golf towards the end of the round.

Q.テつ Take me through the mid‑round; you got the two bogeys and followed it up with a birdie.テつ Take me through the bogeys?テつ What happened there?
JODI EWART SHADOFF:テつ Just a little bit of lack of concentration.テつ I mean, it's really hot out here, and you've just got to really stay hydrated and stuff like that can happen when you're not all there.テつ Yeah, just a couple of pretty loose swings and didn't get up and down.

Q.テつ Charley Hull was in the press room and she said something about the heat too.テつ It has to be the English girls because girl who's live in Florida are like, yeah, we love it.テつ And everyone who is from England probably doesn't?
JODI EWART SHADOFF:テつ Well, I live in Florida now.

Q.テつ You probably get used to it?
JODI EWART SHADOFF:テつ It affects everyone.テつ You've really got to concentrate and work on staying hydrated.テつ If you don't, it's going to affect everybody the same.

Q.テつ Coming into this week, you've had great finishes.テつ Coming out of Solheim on a, high and then not really following up; just this stretch of the season have you been working on anything specifically to try to close out strong?
JODI EWART SHADOFF:テつ No, it's getting to that point in the season where my body tends to break down a little bit.テつ It's not all there.テつ You just kind of are ready for the season to end and have a little bit of a break.テつ I mean, it's really just swing things.テつ Just the same things that seem to pop up when I get tired.テつ Just this week I told myself to go back to basics and try not to overthink everything.テつ I think that was my problem last week was just getting too wrapped up in swing thoughts.

Q.テつ So just easing out of it and not overthinking stuff?

Q.テつ Simplifying?

Q.テつ Well, solid start.テつ Are you having any trouble closing out events with keeping things going once you get things going well to keep them going?
JODI EWART SHADOFF:テつ Yeah, a couple of times.テつ I mean, I think the times that I put myself in the position, I think it's going to get a lot easier.テつ I mean, I've had maybe four or five, five or six times this year where I've been in the position and my game has held up like the U.S. Open and Toledo.テつ Finished well there, and then other times where I've played well and just not been able to keep it together.テつ So it's all a big learning experience.

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