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October 9, 2013

Juan Martin Del Potro


J. DEL POTRO/P. Kohlschreiber
3‑6, 6‑3, 7‑6

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  When did you start feeling sick?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO:  Well, last night.  I couldn't sleep really well.  This morning I took ibuprofen, a couple of that pills, trying to help me feeling better.
But I'm not 100% yet.  That's why I pulled out of doubles, trying to feel better for tomorrow.

Q.  Was there any point when you thought you wouldn't play today?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO:  No, no.  I always think about play, never to retire.  But it was really tough for me.  I couldn't run a lot.
I think my serve helped me a lot to keep playing for the three sets because made many aces.  With my serve I didn't run too much.
I was lucky in the tiebreak because he made few mistake with his background.  I won a really tough match.

Q.  Is it just fever or...
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO:  Well, I feel fever.  When you don't feel 100%, you feel also pains in everywhere.  But it's normal.  I just check again with the doctor.
Maybe tomorrow I will be feeling better.  I hope so, because my match is going to be harder than today.

Q.  Are these the kind of days you prefer to be in the comfort of your own home?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO:  Yes, of course.  I miss my mom (smiling).  Well, I have a good coaches.  They can do something for me also.
But, of course, I will feel better if I'm at home with friends, family.  But I'm older, too.  I can be here no problem.

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