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October 8, 2013

Austin Jackson


Detroit – 8
Oakland – 6

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Austin Jackson.

Q.  Austin, how much of a sense of relief was there when that broken‑bat single went out there?
AUSTIN JACKSON:  You don't even know.  I was just happy that it fell.  Looking over in the dugout and seeing how pumped up they were for me, it just kinda gave me chills a little bit and just happy to get it done in that moment.

Q.  It's a poor time to get into swing mechanics, but normally when you have had strikeout streams before, it has to do with that foot not getting down.  And then when it gets down, you tend to really trash the ball.  Is this something that you can correct at this stage, Austin?  Can you talk about that thought process.
AUSTIN JACKSON:  I think when it's something, you know, like that, when it's something mechanically, as far as your foot not getting down or just timein', I think you look at film and gettin' in the cage and finding the rhythm and that timing.  That's really the only thing that you can do.
You don't want to try to invent something that you haven't been doing, but looking at film and things like that, trying to fix the problem.

Q.  Can you walk us through that at‑bat, the four pitches?
AUSTIN JACKSON:  I was just trying to relax, just trying to calm myself down and take some deep breaths up there and not get down on myself.
Took some good swings at some fastballs and fouled a fastball that was up and was able to get another fastball in the zone and put it in play.

Q.  Austin, after that third strikeout, was there any sense of, you know, What am I going to have to do to break out of this?  It looked like you were frustrated at the pitch.  Was it a feeling that I'm trying to layoff pitches outside the strike zone but I can't catch a break here?
AUSTIN JACKSON:  They were making good pitches.  I'm not going to get down on myself about them making good pitches on the corners.  Those are pitches that you think are balls out of the hand, but they're right there on the corner.
They're making good pitches and I think the main thing is really to just keep going up there with confidence, not get down about the strikeouts, whatever.  It's baseball.
I'm going to keep going out there and battle for my team and try to get those wins.

Q.  On the line drive that Callaspo hit, Max said he thought it was going to drop.  Did you have any doubt and can you walk us through that?
AUSTIN JACKSON:  I think at the last second I looked in to Brookens and he told me to shade him in the gap, opposite side, and I think he was hoping he would get a fastball away and stay on that side of the field and it worked out perfectly.

Q.The way Dan Straily worked through that order the first time around, carries a no‑hitter through four, the way the series had been going, how easy was it to keep hopes up?  I know you guys have to think second time through the order, different approach, but there was frustration that you guys were trying to get the offense going and you couldn't seem to get it?
AUSTIN JACKSON:  There was frustration there, but I don't think it was a point in the game where we got down.
Facing him last time, it was a tough, tough to hit him last time, and I think we were able to get a couple guys on.  Jhonny came through with a clutch home run right there, and that was a great feeling.  We were pumped up for him and seemed like we fed off that energy and were able to score more after that.

Q.  Thoughts on heading into Game5, it's going to be a brawl in their barn.  Talk about the excitement, maybe walking into a do‑or‑die game.
AUSTIN JACKSON:  It's going to be fun.  This is what you play the full season for and you grind throughout 162 games.  You just dream to be in this position.
We've had our backs against the wall before.  We went to Oakland last year and just playin' in that atmosphere, the crowd is going to be in it, brings out the best in the team.  We're looking forward to it.  We're going to be pumped up and we know they're going to be pumped up as well.  So it's going to be a good game.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you. 

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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