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October 7, 2013

Matt Holliday


Cardinals テや 2
Pirates テや 1

Q.テつ Matt, did you feel maybe not they were pitching around Carlos to get to you, but at least that they were giving you opportunities with the couple of walks that Carlos had in the couple of chances you had coming to the plate?
MATT HOLLIDAY:テつ I would be surprised if they were pitching around him with no outs.テつ Maybe.テつ I don't know.テつ You have to ask them.
Anyway, we were looking for ways to get runners on base.テつ I don't take that personally or anything.テつ I'm glad Carlos was on base.テつ Get a chance to‑‑ if I can get on base, we've got something brewing.

Q.テつ Matt, your club does some of its best work typically with their back to the wall.テつ Is that a matter of talent?テつ Is it will?テつ What goes on?
MATT HOLLIDAY:テつ I think that a lot of us have been in situations like that, which is always helpful to have experience.テつ But for Michael to come out and pitch like that in his first time pitching in the postseason, I think that's a testament to him personally.
Since he got called up, he's carried himself extremely well for a guy that's not far out of college and to come out on the stage like this in a game where your back is against the wall and to pitch into the eighth inning, allowing such little against a really good hitting lineup at home.テつ I think a lot of that goes to him.テつ But I think our team has handled these types of situations in the past really well.テつ I think the organization and is passed down as players.テつ To become part of this organization, you expect to be in these situations and go out and perform.

Q.テつ Clint Hurdle just announced when he was in there that Cole is going to pitch Game 5 on Wednesday.テつ Does it help a lot or a little or how much does it matter now that you've had a chance to see him pitch one time and hit against him at once?
MATT HOLLIDAY:テつ It helps.テつ Obviously, he's got that kind of stuff, it doesn't necessarily make it easy.テつ But at least you've seen his pitches.テつ At least we've had some at‑bats off him now.テつ You know what his fastball looks like.テつ You know what his slider looks like.テつ So I think that does help a little bit.テつ It's still going to be a battle.テつ It's still going to be‑‑ you have to go out there and execute and have good at‑bats.テつ But it does help us hitters to have at least seen some of his pitches.

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