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October 6, 2013

Fredi Gonzalez


Dodgers – 13
Braves – 6

Q.  After Game 1 you said the emotions got the best of some of your players.  Do you think that might have been the case with Julio tonight?
FREDI GONZALEZ:  I'm not sure.  I think he just left some balls out over the plate, you know, and made some mistakes.  And with this club, if you do that, you're going to look down at a gas tank with a lighted match.
But, yeah, I don't think the emotions or the crowd or anything had anything to do with it.  I think we just had some mistakes.

Q.  You talked before the game about having an offensive outfield with Gattis in there.  I was curious what you thought of his performance tonight?

Q.  Yes.
FREDI GONZALEZ:  He's hitting .500 for the playoffs.  Got three hits, and I don't think you could ask anything more from him.  He's doing a nice job.

Q.  Were you surprised at how quickly it kind of came unravelled because you take him to a 2‑0 lead, and tie the game, and it seemed you couldn't stop the bleeding at all?
FREDI GONZALEZ:  Any time we made a mistake, or in that fourth inning Woody Crawford leads off a bunt right to him, and we don't field the position.  All of a sudden, instead of being down two runs, it's a four‑run inning.
After that mistake, later on in the game we hit Ellis, walked the other Ellis, and here comes Hanley again.  It's a club that you can't make mistakes or you can't have base runners, because they've got some guys in the middle of the lineup that can really, really hurt you.

Q.  The leadoff hits are killing you in these last two games, you won the last one.
FREDI GONZALEZ:  The leadoff hits?  I think what's hurting us right now is if we walk a guy or make a fielding error or give him extra outs, actually is what I'm trying to say, it's, you know, you get put in a tough position.
They'll put a big number up, which theyhad ‑‑ you take those two innings away, and it's a decent ballgame.  Anything can happen.  So that's the way it goes when you're facing a pretty good lineup.

Q.  I know the game just ended, but tomorrow's starting pitchers, is that still status quo for you?
FREDI GONZALEZ:  Yeah, it's Garcia.  Yeah, it's Garcia.

Q.  You said mistakes.  Maybe Teheran maybe couldn't put guys away.  Ellis he had him 1‑2 and then walked him.  Was it little things like that that he just couldn't finish it?
FREDI GONZALEZ:  The fastball command wasn't there as we've seen it before with him.  It's just one of those things.  When you do that or you're not throwing the ball where you want to‑‑ I think the home run to Crawford was a slider that just stayed out over the middle of the plate, and he got him there.
But, you know, we'll look at the tape and see exactly what it was tomorrow or later on tonight.  But for me, he wasn't as sharp as we've seen him before in the past.

Q.  I'm wondering, the onslaught there in those early innings for the Dodgers, does that affect confidence in your club at all on how many runs and how many hits they had going into that next game?  Or is it just one of those games and you forget about it?
FREDI GONZALEZ:  You know what?  It's one of those games and you forget about it.  I think if you look at the positive, I don't know what it was, a nine‑run game in the ninth inning, they had to bring the closer in.
So you always think that that's a good thing.  We didn't roll over.  We went out there and scored some runs, and they had to bring in Jansen.  You know, we'll build on that for tomorrow.

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