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October 6, 2013

Adam Scott


Q.テつ Just after your victory, I noticed that you had happened to walk over to Hideki Matsuyama and spend some time with him, you had a front row seat this week to what is undoubtedly going to be one of the more promising talents, what did you say to him in?
ADAM SCOTT:テつ For sure he's the future of Asian golf, I believe that, along with Ryo, of course, who has played in a couple of these before.テつ But Hideki has come on so strong and fast the last year or so, and had a great week with him.テつ I just said, he's disappointed probably to lose his match but he has such a bright future.テつ He's a strong player.

Q.テつ Level of fatigue for you and all the players?
ADAM SCOTT:テつ I feel okay now, but yesterday was big.テつ Yesterday was a slog, and I didn't play good golf yesterday, and it's not a day you want 34 holes to played ordinary.テつ We've all slogged it out and done our best and so many people have put a lot of work into getting this thing done.

Q.テつ You mentioned it was a struggle yesterday but you brought it back today and was a victor today; it's been tough all week in these conditions.
ADAM SCOTT:テつ Everything has been tough this week, conditions have been frustrating and made the course tough to play, and greens are so soft, and we are playing a tough American Team.テつ I mean, what a lineup they have; it's awesome.テつ Everyone that I've seen on their team has played really beautiful golf.テつ I think our team has played well, as well but they have really stuck it to us, the foursomes, some of the guys shooting 6‑ and 9‑under, incredible.
The standard of play has been great.テつ My match on Thursday is the best level of golf in a Presidents Cup match I've ever been involved in with Bill Haas and myself and Hideki.テつ It was just phenomenal golf and it was amazing and ended in a halve quite fittingly, but both teams would have suffered if they had to deal with a loss on that one.

Q.テつ Who might have surprised you or impressed you the most this week?
ADAM SCOTT: テつI think everyone was very impressive.テつ You know, to me, I mean, the MVP has got to be Graham DeLaet.テつ I think phenomenal; he showed some real guts and determination in all his matches and holing shots on the 18th is amazing.テつ That's when you know some guy has really got it and he wants it.
So you know, I'm singling him out; I can list plenty.テつ Brendon de Jonge has played great with Ernie and at one point beating Tiger this morning.テつ It's big stuff.テつ You know, hopefully these guys take a lot of confidence out of what they have been able to do here this week and put themselves on a big stage in their own tournaments later.

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