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October 6, 2013

Hunter Mahan


HUNTER MAHAN:テつ I always like being first out, I don't know why, just a comfort thing, but it is critical.テつ You can't give them momentum, because they have so many good players that they can run‑off five, six wins in a row.テつ To get off to a good start, be up a couple after nine was huge.テつ Made that birdie on 10, felt like I was in control of myself and swung great from there.

Q.テつ Getting off to an early start, that's really, really huge for the Americans.
HUNTER MAHAN:テつ Yeah, it's always a challenge whether you have a big lead or a little lead or you're down.テつ You can't get comfortable out here, 12 great players on their side.テつ I didn't know about Matsuyama, except he's a great player and great competitor.テつ Everyone has said he's been hitting it unbelievable this week, so I feel very pleased to do what I did today.

Q.テつ All the pressure with the team format and everything, the individual, there's such a hard way to figure shots into the greens from the wet fairways that you forget about that, or is there still the heat because it is the team format?
HUNTER MAHAN:テつ There's all kind of things to consider.テつ The wind has picked up a little bit, out of a different direction, the greens are soft‑‑ a lot to think about.テつ You just have to enjoy it as much as you can and swing free and trust yourself.

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