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March 9, 2000

Carlos Franco


NELSON LUIS: We will get started were Carlos. Another fine round here. 7-under. Let's go ahead and walk us through the birdies, do you remember?

CARLOS FRANCO: I don't know. Golf course condition is excellent today; not windy. Excellent. Greens are excellent. Pin position not too difficult. Many player under par. I played good. I miss only one fairway, No. 9 hole, par 5, but I hit 13 fairway very easy. My putt is excellent today. I got a big concentration. This is Miami, almost my hometown, Paraguay and Miami only one hour different. Same weather, of course more easy for me. Big difference from California. Every time play very bad in California, but come to Miami, my golf changed.

Q. What happened to your arm?

CARLOS FRANCO: Tendinitis.

NELSON LUIS: Last night the doctor gave him some treatment.

Q. What type of treatment?

NELSON LUIS: Electrolysis therapy. He was giving him some deep deep tissue massage that hurt a lot. But he says obviously it worked well for him.

Q. Did you almost pull out and not play this week?

NELSON LUIS: He says that no, he had to play because his wife is pregnant and he knows that at some point he may get the call where he has got to go back.

Q. How close is she?

NELSON LUIS: Five months pregnant.

Q. She is in Paraguay?


Q. How long have you lived in Miami?

CARLOS FRANCO: No, I come only one week. My wife now in Paraguay. She come two week, after she said poppy, vamonos (let's go), let's go.

Q. Is it just the arm, shoulder?

CARLOS FRANCO: It is here. (Indicating wrist) Doctor checked here, here, and --

NELSON LUIS: He says problem stems from back here, but the pain is actually --

Q. Goes all the way up?

NELSON LUIS: Right. He says when he puts a lot of pressure on his grip is when it hurts the most.

Q. How long has this been going on?

NELSON LUIS: Since The Masters, after The Masters last year.

Q. It is on a shot did you hurt yourself on?

NELSON LUIS: He thinks when he played at the Bell South Classic with the cold and the rain in the Pro-Am and that is where he first felt it.

Q. Isn't the treatment for that usually rest?

NELSON LUIS: After Hawaii he rested for a month without play.

CARLOS FRANCO: My first day I played in California, Tuesday practice round, only nine holes, but very pain. Wednesday play again, rain everyday, you know, play a half round, it is no good, weather more pain.

Q. When your wife gives birth, how long will you go to Paraguay for?

NELSON LUIS: Two weeks or so.

Q. Do you plan on playing the American Tour all year or what is your agenda?

CARLOS FRANCO: Si, senor, there is more money.

Q. Talk about last year and everything, all the good things that happened.

NELSON LUIS: Only God can tell you how happy he was. He said that initially before he came here he thought that it was going to be a very difficult task but he realized that he played with great golfers, your golf game also gets a lot better. He stayed very focused all year long and was able to get his game to get to that level.

Q. Have you gotten spoiled out here?

NELSON LUIS: He says his outlook is he comes every week to win and never just to make the cut, always to win. He says if he plays bad, that is it.

CARLOS FRANCO: See you next week.

Q. What was your first PGA TOUR event?

CARLOS FRANCO: 1994 Memorial, my first day is 80, first time 80, then next day even par, I remember.

Q. Given your background just what did you think that first day when you showed up to see a PGA TOUR event, everything that everybody gets, courtesy cars and free food and the phone calls?

NELSON LUIS: He says at first it is really not that way, you don't get the car right off the bat.

CARLOS FRANCO: My first three months I need to pay rental car, I need to pay, you know, I looking for cheap hotel, room cheap, but after it change. I play Pro-Am, every week play Pro-Am. First time it is difficult.

Q. Can you get some idea what it was like to play in Japan to be in such a foreign culture?

CARLOS FRANCO: Japan is very expensive. You take one taxi, you don't have car, you don't have food, nothing, you need to pay everything. It is difficult, the language is difficult, time, golf course conditions very, very different. Good golf course, but very difficult conditions. It is almost up-and-down. Many time it rains and cold, mucho frio (very cold).

Q. Were you alone? Take any family or friends with you?

CARLOS FRANCO: Single only. Everyone month stay in Japan come home two weeks. Very difficult, with the different time. I take a big experience for me and come here to America. Come here stay in America one or two hour difference, I think it is more easy for me. I am very lucky, save Qualifying School 1998 for one shot, very lucky, last position, it is okay but inside okay.

Q. When did you get a deal with Callaway, how did you get there?

CARLOS FRANCO: Callaway is my sponsor two year in Japan and last year in here in America. This year No. 4.

Q. How did they find out about you?

CARLOS FRANCO: Casio World in Japan. Look at me and, hey, this guy is a good player, Ian Moore (phonetic) you know him? Callaway staff. He said this guy is good, need to speak to him. That is at Casio World Open. I see Mr. Mike Gelosky (phonetic) from Callaway saying Carlos, I need to talk. Okay. I say, I need big money. He says I only have a little. (laughs).

Q. Did they ask about your whole life story? Did they know much about you?

CARLOS FRANCO: It is not important. No important.

NELSON LUIS: He was more concerned with his golf game; not necessarily his background. He likes his swing and he knew that he had won and had a good game. He won four tournaments for him in two years.

Q. How is golf doing in Paraguay now, more courses?

CARLOS FRANCO: Three more course now coming.

Q. How many total?

CARLOS FRANCO: Already have five. My golf course is coming soon. Maybe eight months more. My co-manager is here Mr. Danny Goodman.

DANNY GOODMAN: He is the architect. He fired the architect.

NELSON LUIS: The golf course is going to have his name.

Q. Franco Country Club?


Q. Carlos?


End of FastScripts….

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