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October 6, 2013

Freddy Garcia


Q.テつ Freddy, you've had plenty of Postseason starts over the years and just one over the last eight years.テつ How valuable is that experience going into this next start?
FREDDY GARCIA:テつ No, it's been nice for me.テつ I've got a lot of experience before.テつ I've been in the playoffs a couple times or many times, whatever.テつ I guess it makes it a little easier.テつ But I've got to face a powerful team, powerful lineup.テつ I just have to go there and pitch the way I've been pitching and try to do my best.

Q.テつ Coming off your shoulder surgery and kind of losing some on your fastball, what were the biggest adjustments you made?
FREDDY GARCIA:テつ Yeah, I had to change my style.テつ You know, I used to be a power pitcher.テつ After I got surgery, I wasn't throwing hard anymore.テつ So I had to find a way to get people out.テつ I learned to throw that split finger, and I just pitched backwards.テつ I guess it's been fine for me so far?

Q.テつ Is it still as much fun as it was in this setting for you back in the day when you made it almost an annual thing?テつ And did you ever think you'd get back here now that you are a different type of pitcher than you were, obviously?
FREDDY GARCIA:テつ You know, I always am positive.テつ I'm being this year up and down, but I always think to get back to where I am right now.テつ Like before when I was throwing, like I said, I was throwing hard.テつ It's easy when you're throwing, when you've got the stuff and you go out there.テつ It's easy when you don't have it.
So this year in September or August, I was in Triple‑A, you know, so I've got to be really excited to be here today and pitch Game 4 tomorrow.テつ So I've got to be proud of that.

Q.テつ A follow‑up on that:テつ What is this year been like for you being in so many different places?テつ You've had, obviously, a terrific Major League resume, and you were in Triple‑A, and being there and getting to here now?
FREDDY GARCIA:テつ Oh, that wasn't easy, man.テつ Being in Triple‑A, being playing in the big leagues for so long and then this year being in San Diego, Baltimore and now with the Braves, it's been hard for me.
But more hard for my family.テつ It's being away from my family, my kids.テつ But now I'm here and I just can't wait till tomorrow and pitch the game.テつ Hopefully we win tomorrow and try to do the best tomorrow to win.

Q.テつ After your first outing in Gwinnett, it was a rough one.テつ Did you think you'd ever be at this position?
FREDDY GARCIA:テつ Well, when I was pitching in Gwinnett and I got traded.テつ I got ten days without pitching, so I wasn't sharp.テつ I pitched against my ex‑teammates, or they know pretty much what I've got, but I get here.

Q.テつ Did the thought of retiring ever cross your mind, or were you always committed to making it back and obviously making it back here?
FREDDY GARCIA:テつ You know, at one point you think about it, but if you keep pitching, you're feeling good, you still get people out.テつ So I don't think about it that much.
But I guess at one point, yeah, I had to.テつ But right now I'm just enjoying to be here and pitching, man.

Q.テつ What are your best memories of that White Sox World Series game you pitched?
FREDDY GARCIA:テつ Oh, I've got many memories, man.テつ We played so good that year, and that's why we win.テつ We've got a good bunch of guys playing together and doing our stuff.テつ That's a lot of good memories there.テつ So you win the World Series, Chicago, a big city; that was a lot of fun.

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