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September 14, 2000

Carlos Franco


NELSON LUIS: We'd like to welcome Carlos Franco, who shot 3-under and is currently tied for fourth. Carlos, you started on the front side today.

CARLOS FRANCO: Yes, I make bogey at No. 7. I missed on the left side; it has no chance. Make it in three on the green and 2-putt, bogey. Birdied No. 8. Had a 2-iron, 108 to the pin and 54 wedge. Almost six feet for birdie. No, 15, hit a 2-wood, second shot 2-wood right side of the green is in the rough, I make a chip maybe four feet for birdie. No. 18, I hit 2-wood, 2-wood and 6-iron 28 yards for pin and make eagle.

Q. The eagle on 18 was with a 6-iron? You holed out the 6-iron shot?

CARLOS FRANCO: Yes, 28 yards. Chip-in. I played very well today. I missed maybe 12 putts for birdie chances, 10 feet, six feet, eight feet, 15 feet. These greens are very difficult. Very fast and never straight putts. Big slice, big hook, you know, and you need backspin on every shot to come back, too much spin on the green. Take second shot close at the pin is very tough, but I hit the ball very, very well today. Driving was excellent, but I use only three times the driver. I think next time there is no more driver. I take out my driver and I use only 2-wood and 5-wood; it is a short course.

Q. Is it still pretty soggy out there? Has it caused a difference in your round?

CARLOS FRANCO: Not much, but a little wet. Not much. But yesterday, terrible. But today is better.

Q. Do you like this style of course?

CARLOS FRANCO: Yeah, it's good. Not a long course, but narrow fairways I like.

Q. Were there any greens you found particularly hard?

CARLOS FRANCO: Yeah, I told today, my caddy, Jimmy, I said, "Please don't give me more iron. " Give me one more -- maybe if I need 8-iron, I say, "Give me 7-iron; I need a punch shot." But I hit the pin every time, going back out of the green, too much spin. But about after six or seven holes, I hit an easy shot and lowball and it had more stop, no more coming back. No. 9 hole is more difficult. You have pin on the right side, and you know, you take it -- you have no chance to take the pin. It's very difficult. The hole position is right side, and this green is very down, it is unbelievable. But greens conditions are nice, with you very fast and never flat. It's too tough.

Q. What does that mean coming to Sunday, the pin positions, could they be impossible?

CARLOS FRANCO: I don't know, you don't have many room for pin, but I don't know, it depend on PGA TOUR. I hope PGA does not put difficult pins, but second shot is too tough now. Look at Sunday, you take special pin position, maybe is leaving many people dead.

Q. You are one of the top-ranked players in the World Rankings who is here. Why did you come to this tournament, not knowing the course?

CARLOS FRANCO: Depends. You know, I don't play well the last three months. I think my eyes, there is a little problem. This is a new tournament. People don't remember course, so I say I have more chance, you know. Everybody is even now. But I come Tuesday, here, I like the weather. People check the weather. They say maybe it's too hot here, but is good for me. And I have no more allergies. Finish allergies -- now in America. But I like the tournament. I never check if people on the World Rankings play here. For me, it is important to play tournament and take a couple months. It doesn't matter if No. 1 World Ranking play here or not.

Q. Did you like playing in Jim Furyk's tournament --

CARLOS FRANCO: Never played a similar tournament. But I enjoyed it, I like it. Nice weather.

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